pick and choose no can do

my name is estrella luz farias and i am the queen of the under world. i am a hybrid.......... half vampire and half wolf and when i wanna be human. i have to choose being human or being a hybrid happy with Justin a wolf


3. Trying to run

my three weeks will be up soon! And im scared but last night i had a dream a very strange dream were Justin and I were running in wolf form. And its not those runs we have for fun but we were running from someone or something! Then all of a sudden we stop theres to many of them we cant out run this yes I know im the fastest of them all but I dont run because I fear what they will do to Justin if they catch him. As they all circle around us I see it. They send four grown wovles to take down Justin but my reflexes are  to fast and I dont let it happen as I take down tree of the and Justin takes down the last the crowd get closer soon they all start to close in on us. Soon after that i woke up with out waking my lovley baby by some miricle i head downstairs it being 4:30 am I make coffe. I know im not going to be able to sleep. So now its just me and my thoughts all I can think about is my future with Justin becuase i know what i need to do i need to be with him whatever the cost. Soon after just woke up. 

"good morning baby girl how long have you been up" 

" lol good morning baby and since like 4:30 i couldnt sleep so i saw no use in staying in bed and besides I  made you breakfast!" 

once I said that nothing could hide that chessy grin on his handsome face. After he ate we went to get ready for thet rest of the day. I haven't told him my discussion yet but I know he will be super happy to know what i have decided. After I take a quick shower i know i need to tell him so we can go see the elders! 

"Hey babe can you come here for a minute I need to tell you something super important" 

" Yea bay girl just let me get my shirt on"

" No need baby i like looking at you with out a shirt on anyway" 

soon after he comes in the room he sits next to me on the bed seeing as we are in our bed room because we have our own bathroom.

" We need to go speak to the elders I know what I choose baby and its to take responsibility I am going to rule both sides with you being my one and only baby theres no turning back i choose you Justin and only you" 

" Estrea are you serious omg I cant believe it we omg lets go lets go right now" 









heyyy i know its been a long time lol im finally am 15 and the 25th of this month is my quince lol im so excited lol anyway I'm sp sorry i havent wrote in a long time i forgot my password and finally remembered it so ill update a lot more i promise


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