pick and choose no can do

my name is estrella luz farias and i am the queen of the under world. i am a hybrid.......... half vampire and half wolf and when i wanna be human. i have to choose being human or being a hybrid happy with Justin a wolf


2. school

we take off to school and finally get there we get out of the car and hold hands as we walk into the school and towards our locker. Everyday thats what we do hold hands walk to our lockers and head to class the perks of being a hybrid is i can control people to get what i want so me and justin have all the same classes pretty sweet huh. no one really questioned it though so it was pretty funny i mean that i can get what i want when i want. But dont get me wrong im not a spoiled little bitch brat but i like to used my gifts. anyway the only reason i can go out is because of my necklace. Its like in the vampire diaries but in real life when put it on a tv show cuz it suppose to be fiction but you know its kinda dumb. Anyway we get to first hour sit next to eachother and talk

   so babe what are you doing tonight 

   well justin were do you wanna go 

  i have no clue you wanna go the light house again for a run 

   sure always up or a run i dont have a toned stomach from sitting around eating lol 

   right after school?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? 

   *end of school (sorry im a lazy bum lol (

  so babe have you thought about it yet 

  you know i have i...i....

 its okay babe take your time i just want you to know i love you very very much okay

 i know justin i love you to babe 

we ended our 4 hour run and went home justin and i live together in a mansion. No one except our kind can find the castle an thats how i like it!




someone should make me a cover um email me @ 18lfaria@mypathers.org or on facebook on Luz Sirena Farias and send it to me 


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