Falling For 5 Boys

The concert was a huge sucess, in my opinion anyways, but I still felt a little empty inside. Once I saw all the girls who would get to go see the boys I love dearly and truly, I just left. As I was walking to the parking lot, a car came driving towards me but I couldn't move! I was in so much shock that I stayed still when a group of men came and pushed me out of the way a few of the men stayed by me but the other two went to yell at the driver. It was all so fast


2. That Moment

It was Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. I couldn't even talk but Analyssa couldn't stop screaming. So I covered her mouth and the boys laughed. Liam and Harry came running towards us. "We are so sorry. Are you- OH MY GOD!!! Lads, THESE ARE THE GIRLS!" Harry yelled. "Yeah. We're sorry about going in the room but it was on accident beca-" I said but Harry had grabbed my hand and said "Would you two like to come see our tour bus?" I stared blank for a moment but then quickly said, "Yes! Of course!" "Well come on then!" Harry screamed excitedly! I thought it was adorable. We went on the tour bus and we were in so much shock to see what we saw. We saw the most precious...

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