Intwined Fates

Prowl and Starscream are knocked out in battle and awaken forever changed. Sequel to "By virtue of my enemy." on

1. Changes

He had been knocked offline. He had not in his entire function been knocked offline on the battlefield. It was a death trap.

He roused and groaned. His hand coming up to his head. he frowned, feeling fluid run down his torso he looked down. He was sitting in tall grasses, and his body was not his own. He peddled back slightly and bumped into another body. Turning he looked down. He couldn't recognize the human face, to him, all humans looked the same.

The land smoldered around them. Smoke billowed out from a fallen building nearby and the sound of weapons fire rang in the distance. He looked down, frustration over taking him as long black locks fell into his face. He reached up and pushed them away before pushing them over his shoulders.

He looked around. "Starscream!" The former Autobot yelled out. He hoped his consort was near. "slag.." he muttered as he pressed his small hands into the dark earth and tried to push up to stand. He looked down and shook his head. He was not wearing clothing, and in a human world he knew that would be a priority.

The being beside him groaned and began to rouse. He was also naked so our transformed human followed the logic that this was also a former cybertronian.

He knelt down. "Do not stir so quickly." He attempted to be kind. "It is not an easy transition."

"Prowl? Your vocoder sounds damaged." Starscream's voice murmured from the body, it was him, different but Prowl still knew the voice.

"Starscream look at me." Prowl frowned again, he couldn't help it. His emotions were not being filtered out, or easily helld back.

The blonde looked up. "No..." he frowned and looked down at himself "NO!" he screamed and attempted to stand to fast falling to the ground. Prowl was on him in a moment trying to stop his protest.

"Struggling will not help us." Prowl stated.

Starscream looked up. "You are damaged." He leanded forward touching the other man's face.

"Human's call it a bloody nose, it will clear on it's own." Prowl sighed knowing very well it could be a number of more serious issues, but making his consort worry would do him no good.

"What did this to us?" Starscream barked. He turned on his heel futilely looking for someone, or something to blame.

Shaking his head Prowl shrugged. "I have no answer, but I do know we need to find clothing, food, and shelter." He looked up. "I cannot imagine that we will be able to survive here if we stay." Prowl looked around. "we need to get moving."

"Not so fast." A voice behind them rang out. It sounded so odd in Prowl's ears, the digital reverb in the bass like vocoder.

Prowl turned craning his head to see above himself. "Jazz."he mouthed.

"Looks like we know what that relic does now." Sighing he lifted a hand. "this is Jazz to Command control. I need Optimus in sector gamma like now." He frowned. "Code blue." He cut the comm and motioned his weapon at the humans. "sit."

Starscream was about to Protest when Prowl sat beside him and shook his head. Starscream leaned into him. "What is a code Blue?"

"Hostage capture." Prowl said and leaned back on a rock."Get comfortable, this will take a while." He sighed.


Optimus turned to Ratchet. "Can it be reversed?"

"I'm not sure." Their conversation was completely serious.

"Why.." Ironhide leaned in and got quieter. "are we even talking about reversing this? He's a con, and Prowl's a traitor."

Ratchet waved a hand. "They Bonded durring a search for intel. It was not Prowl's intention to defect, and after he was repaired he couldn't just leave Starscream." Ratchet shook his head. "That's all biology." He turned his head. "it was survival." He looked at Optimus who nodded. "We can't hold that against him."

"Sir...I must protest." Ironhide looked back at the humans.

"I agree." Jazz nodded.

"You're opinions are noted. For now, we transport them back. They are to be kept in Ratchet's care." Optimus stated.

"The should be in the brig." Ironhide fumed slightly.

Ratchet put a hand on the larger mech's shoulder. "They can walk through the energon bars. I'll keep them well secured, you have my word." Ironhide nodded but said nothing. He watched as Ratchet moved toward the two humans.

The smaller of the two humans looked up. "Ratchet." He looked up at red alert who held them at blaster point. "Forgive me for not standing."

"You will both come with me." Ratchet said and turned his head as his transformation sequence started. Prowl watched as the sequence came to an end and the door opened on the passanger side. Red alert motioned his weapon.

"Get in." Red alert commanded.

Prowl stood slowly and reached down to help the blonde man. Starscream ripped his hands away. "get your hands off me." He growled.

Prowl's stern glare caught the taller man by surprise. Starscream reached out touching his face. "I am sorry, you are not the source of my frustration." He walked away toward Ratchet, and allowed Prowl to enter the ambulance first, while pitching a stern glare to Red Alert. Once inside the cab Starscream pulled the door closed. "Again I apologize for my behavior."

Prowl pat his knee. "There are two blankets underneath the bench seat. You may cover yourselves." Ratchet's voice echoed from the dash speakers.

Prowl reached under and found the two thin metal looking thermal blankets. He passed one to Starscream who merely laid it in his lap. Prowl unfolded his and wrapped it around his shoulders. "It is a blanket you needn't distrust it." Prowl said leaning into the other man.

"You will not be seen." Ratchet assured. "I will be taking you into my private medical entrance. I will do my best effort to make you as comfortable as possible." Ratchet sighed. "I will have to assign a human liaison so that any questions you may have will be answered."

Prowl nodded. "Is Lennox still with you?"

"You would like William?" Ratchet asked. "bump." He warned as the cab jostled around.

Starscream grumbled as the truck flattened out as they hit a smooth highway. "Please." Prowl asked. "I will not feel uncomfortable speaking to him."

"I will ask William if he will accept." Ratchet asked. "though I can promise nothing."

Prowl nodded. "We understand-"

"What are you going to do with us?" Starscream's frustration had finally boiled over.

Ratchet sighed. "We're going to take you back to the Ark. You will be assessed Physically, allowed to wash, and be fed. You will be questioned tomorrow." Ratchet sighed. "i couldn't delay them anymore."

Prowl nodded. "Thank you." He said calmly.

"Mirage will be conducting your interviews, Optimus believes that Jazz has a conflict of interest." Ratchet explained.

"We're Decepticons you all have bias against us." Starscream barked again. A hand on his chest stopped his protest.

Ratchet hummed over the speakers as his wheel turned, and they merged onto a highway. "That maybe so but I still trust Prowl and his judgement." the medic stated. "and I took an oath, to life Starscream. They will have to go through me before I allow anything to happen to those entrusted in my care."

Starscream settled back in the seat and lifted the thermal blanket unfolding it and wrapping it around himself. The thought a moment and leaned back. "Thank you." He said softly; though it sounded forced.

Prowl leaned against the seeker and pressed closer to his warmth. Ratchet continued to press down the road. "ETA five minutes." He stated, and the cab got very quiet. The two humans pressed into each other for warmth, and comfort.

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