2 girls 1 boy

This is about college drama around boys, sororities and friendship. Hope you enjoy!

(Gonna try to post a new chapter every week)


1. first day

As I walked down the stairs to 1st floor I think about how long it's until I come home again.

My sister has already been in college for 2 years and she says I should just feel excited, but still, what if I forget something or loose it or don't make friends or become an outsider! Nobody understand how I feel, I don't understand.


Mom kisses me on the check and and my dad hugs me, long. As I walk toward the school. I hear mom yell "Wait, Trissa! You forgot your schedule and room number!!" As I run to my parents I think about my new roommate, I hope she is nice.


I knock on the door and wait, the number is 157. None answer I open the door and walk in. Maybe she hasn't arrived yet. It's a small room with one window, two small beds , an old sofa and an ugly green carpet.

"You're my roomie?" I hear an excited voice behind me. I turn and a girl stands next to me. "I think so," I say nervous. I stare at her, she catches me, "I know I look like a mess but I didn't have time to shower and do my makeup,"she says fast. "Uhm.. It's not allowed to shower until tomorrow night.."

Her face turns into a wierd position, "are you kidding?" What about the party tonight"

"I HAVE TO break the rules!"

"Uhm...." "I haven't told you my name yet? It's Amanda" she says exited.

"Trissa" I say

"Come on, we have to get ready!" She says as she walk towards the bathroom, I follow her.


Me and Amanda walk trough the hallway to get some food before the party, Amanda is really nice and the talks ALOT. "Amanda Ritter and Trisnadia Forberg come to the office right now!" I hear a strict voice say from the speaker. "Oh god, I hope we're not in trouble" I say and look at Amanda, "You wish!".

We walk fast and when we reach the office My hand is all sweaty. "come in" I hear from the inside, but the voice is different than I thought, it's soft and warm as if he want us to come in, not because we have to.

And when Amanda opens the door, I don't see a strict teacher, but a beautiful boy.

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