Girl with Toy gun

Yasmin is 16years old wild and crazy teen with no reggets Jim is bit depressed,player,menwhore,heartbreaker and cocky. They are like total opposites.


1. princess

"Truth or Dare?" Lilly asked as the bottle pointed me. "Dare." I said not wanting them to ask something awkward about me. Lilly looked Emily and they both smiled evilly. " i dare you to go upstairs and ring the house A5 door bell and point with my little brothers fake gun the one who opends the door."okay!" I said. I took Lillys littlebrothers fake AK47 gun and Emily and Lilly followed me upstairs where lived their neighbours. "You dont have to do it." Lilly said as i pressed the door bell. Emily and Lilly run away paniced. I pointed the gun to the door and ook few steps back. Door opened and i pressed the tricker and the gun made horrible noice. guy with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes opened the door and cracked into laughter. I stared him as he hold his stomack laughing really hard. I was so red. Why didnt Lilly tell me that her neighbour was so hot. I totally made fool out of my self. "Hey." He said as he finally stopped laughing. "Hi" i said awkwardly. "What the?" Other guy said as he walked to the door. "Why do you have toy gun?" He said looking me funilly. "I was playing truth or dare with my friends they dared me to ring your door bell and..." I said awkwardly. "Okay." They brown haired guy said. "Isnt she cute." He whispered to his friend who nod. I blushed more. "My name is Jim and this is Isaac." The brown haired guy said. "Whats your name?" Jim asked. "Im Yasmin." I said. "Cool."i said. "I think i have to go back to my friends." I said awkwardly. "Oh okay,then." Jim said. "Bye." I said and walked away. "Hey Yasmin!" Jim yelled i turned around "you are welcome here when ever you want." He said and winked."yeah whatever." I said awkwardly. Was he trying to hit me? I walked back to Lillys. "Im going to kill you!" I said as i saw Lilly. She smirked. "Why didnt you tell me about your hot neighbours!" I said. She just giggled. "What did they say?" Emily asked nervously. "Well Jim said that im welcome when ever i want." I said. "He said what?" Lilly looked me eyes wide open. "Omg!" Emily said. "What?" I asked. "Yasmin. Jim is the popularest guy in school, and he just dosnt talk younger girls like that. He never even says hi to us even that i live in his neighbours." Lilly said. "Okay." I said rolling my eyes. I didnt care if he was popular or not it wasnt like i was going to there anyway.

I had sleep over with Lilly and Emily at Lillys place her parents weren't home. "Why did you broke up with Max?" Lilly asked. "Cause he was an asshole." I said. "Do you realize how lucky you were!" Emily said. "What? I cant belive you are at his side." I said standing up. "Well Max is awesome and hot." Lilly said. "And he totally was broken cause you left him." Emily said. "I feel bad for him." Lilly said. "Can you stop! You dont know anything about him." I screamed. "Dont scream at me! You were bitch to him!" Lilly said and Emily nod. "Wtf!" I yelled."you hurted him." Lilly said. "What the fuck is wrong with you! Im out here!" I said. And walked out at lillys house. "You can come back when you turn off the bitch mode!" Emily shouted. "Oh im not coming back!" I screamed and lilly locked the door. "Great." I said and sat at the hallway. I heard someone opening the door upstairs and coming down the stairs. I wanted to go home and sleep but my home was far away and my phone was at Lillys and there was no way i was getting back in there. "Yasmin?" Isaac said. I stood up quickly. "What are you doing here?"he asked. "Well i got into fight with my friends and they kinda kicked me out." I said. "Do you have place to sleep?" He asked. "Nope." I said awkwardly. "You can come at our place." He said. "I dont know. You dont have to." He said. "Okay." I said finally. I was tired. "Jim has been talking about you non stop." Isaac said as he opened the door. I blushed. "Isaac-Yasmin?" Jim said as he walked into room only wearing sweatpants. No SHIRT. Omg. Abs,abs,abs Yasmin Focuse! "Her friends kicked her out. So i said he can stay the night." Isaac said. "Oh okay." Jim said. "Are you hungry? We have pizza." Jim said. "Okay,thanks guys." I said. "Its okay." Jim and Isaac smiled and gave me pizza. We ate pizza and watched scary movie 5 "This movie is so lame." Jim laugh. "Tell me about it." Isaac said. I giggled at the funny part where the cindy washed the old woman with pee . I noticed Jim staring me during the movie. "So do you want sleep with me or Jim?"Isaac asked as the movie ended. "We only have two beds mine and Jims." Isaac said. "If you dont mind." He said. "Oh okay thats fine with me. "I think i will sleep with." I said thinking. "Nothing personal Isaac.i take Jims bed."i said. Jim smirked. "No funny business." I said when i entered to Jims room. He nod. He drew me a shirt. I gave him guestional look. "I though it would be nicer to sleep.." He said. "Oh sure." I said taking his shirt. I turned around and took my top over my head and took my bra off and pulled Jims shirt over my head and took my shorts of and opened my hair from the pony tail. He stared me and when he noticed i stared him back he blushed little and shook his head. "Uum if you dont mind i sleep with my boxers." He said. "Its okay." I said. I got under covers and Jim wrapped his arm around me behind. That my back was against his hard chest. "Uum Jim." I said. "Dont worry i just wanted to cuddle." He said. "Its okay, goodnight." I said. "Goodnight princes." He said. I blushed for the nickname and fell in deep sleep.

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