Girl with Toy gun

Yasmin is 16years old wild and crazy teen with no reggets Jim is bit depressed,player,menwhore,heartbreaker and cocky. They are like total opposites.


4. all i need

---Jims pow---

I sat in my living room thinking about Yasmine again. Its been two weeks when i last saw her. And i missed her. I wanted to get to know her. I was scared how much i though of her. "are you coming at club?" Isaac said and woke me up from my thoughs "yeah." I said and toll my jacked,we walked to moonlight club and i stood there bored. I was never bored at clubs but no one of these girls made me wanna go to dance or even talk with. I only wanted Yasmin. She was the only one.i looked at the dance floor and saw brunette girl with long brown hair she was wearing Short dress what hugged her curves perfectly.she looked very hot. When she turned around i though that i was going mad. Yasmine? When the song changed i made my way to her. She smiled when she saw me. I was nervous. I was never nervous around girls. But Yasmin wasnt just girl,she was Yasmin perfect and beautifull. "Can i have this dance?" I asked. She blushed and said "you may." And wrapped her arms around my neck as my hands rested on her hips. Her warm breath hit my face as she said "you have beautiful eyes." "You are beautiful." I said she blushed and shook her head. When her sweet innocent voice told me that my eyes were beautiful,that made me realise something new. I liked her i relly did. I wrapped my arms tighter around her waists pushing her body closer to mine she just gave me small smile and moved her hands through my hair. I leaned closer her ear and whispered "you are really beautiful." She blushed more. She looked so cute.and the weird thing was that i never called girls beautiful. But Yasmine was beautiful. I moved my lips to her neck and kissed it. She had her eyes closed as she enjoyd the feeling of my lips on her skin. She lifted my head out her neck and crashed her lips against mine. I smiled against the kiss and she smiled too. I hold her tighter just enjoyning the taste of her lips. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth causing battle between my tongue and hers. She won. She was just too good kisser. That night was one of the best moments even that we just kissed.that was all i needed.

--- Yasmines pow---

I was done fighting back to this boy. He won. I couldnt stay away from his lips or him. I tried so hard not to let him inside my life and to my feelings but i lost the battle and i was all his. I just wanted to kiss him endlessly. But deep down i knew that i was just one of his dolls but i couldnt help my self i couldnt stop. I didnt want to.

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