Born alone, raised alone

She was born in a flower, she was raised by her mother until the age of 16, her mother died and she lived alone and decided to go to school, high school, first day of going to any school at all, first day for a lot of things, its also one direction's first day but when they meet Rose, things don't go as they expect


14. Chapter 14

I turned around and slapped Harry across the face. He fell to the ground. I aimed the rifle at him. He looked at me. "You were going to kill our daughter" I said. "I was trying to help you" he slowly said. Without giving it another thought I shot him. The baby started crying. He was gone. I shot my husband. I looked at the baby and held her. I bought a new house and raised her. She was happy. She didn't look like the Lacey before. She looked prettier and nicer. She was now 18. She was close to her aunt, to me, and that's all the family she had. I gave her my crown. I gave her the red jeep. I kissed her cheek and stepped back. Me and my aunt were gone. Lacey cried and now she was going to start school like I did. Except there is a new boy band called 5sos will show up. Things won't be exactly like how they were in this story. This will be different. Lacey will be going to college, there will be parties, and a lot of things to experience. I will be writing a sequel to this story. Thank you for reading.  

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