The Princess Hunter

Hunting is not only just a passion to me, it's everything I live for, literally. It's the only thing I do everyday. I don't have a life where I go to school nope I'm just a girl who lives alone in the woods who hunts. But that's the thing in reality I'm more than just a girl with nothing to do, I have a kingdom to keep in shape and watch over. Yup, I'm a princess, the lost princess to be exact, but the funny thing is I don't know it yet.


1. The Cocky Stranger

Serenity's POV

I could feel the wind whistling through my ears as I ran with my white tiger, Alana, in the woods. I had all I needed in my stupendous life full off Mother Nature's grace ness of life in so many levels there could possibly be. I lift my bow with an arrow in my hands, aim, and let go and, like every other time, I majestically hit bullseye. I have been left in the woods for myself for as long as I can remember. I live by myself in a two story cabin that I was left in as a baby. Now I'm 18 since my birthday was a few weeks ago. I have had to fend for myself but it's not as bad as it sounds I actually have a bank account that has a few million and every year a few thousand gets put in for the amount I have spent that year. I'm not really significant, I don't have any talents but I guess if you count the bow'n arrow and martial arts a talent then I would be pretty talented. I have had my whole life with no purposes so I figured I could learn to defend myself in times of need. "Good practice today Alana, although maybe you could be a little quieter next time," I said chuckling when she blew out of her nose at my comment. "Now let's get back home for dinner because this has gotten me hungry like a tiger... No offense or anything if that upsets you in some way I wouldn't know because I'm not a tiger or, you know what let's just go," I rambled. As we were walking through the woods to get to the cabin I heard a twig snap. I crouched down and ever so slightly went behind a bush to see what caused the noise. I looked through the leaves and saw a deer, so I got out my bow and an arrow and pulled back only to witness that someone else had hit the deer with an arrow. I stiffened and crept down in to the bush and watched as a young fellow about my age or maybe one or a few years older come out from behind a few trees. He was attractive but not attractive enough to go up to him and say goodbye to all my hiding. He was about 6'4 with blonde hair that hung in his brown eyes with a nice build and strong jaw. I was about to leave when Alana went out of the bushes into the clearing and walked right up to the guy and rubbed her head against his legs. "Ohh... What do we have here?Well hey there little guy what are you doin out here?Are you alone?," he said to her. As she heard the last question her ears popped up and she straitened up and trotted over my way, and took my sleeve in her mouth and tried to pull me over to him. After an extreme game of tug a' war I let her pull me to the stranger. After he was done staring at me for a while he says,"Wow... I didn't know other people hunted in these woods." I scoffed,"I don't just hunt, I live in these woods." He smiles,"Well this is a nice area to live on, well my name is Ashton," he says sticking his hand out. I stare at it for a while then stick my hand into his while saying,"Serenity." "What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady." I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "Yes well I think I should go home the sun is setting," I say. "Do you have a place to stay because if not then you can accompany me to my cabin?" He nods his head saying,"Yes that will be most helpful for my home is a good 40 minute walk from here." We head back to my cabin with my in the lead and Alana behind me with Ashton. It only takes about 10 minutes when we get there,"Well I am going to go take a shower and then I will be down to make dinner you can sit in the living room if you would like." "Thank you for letting me stay here it's a nice house." "Well I will be back," I head upstairs to my room and close the door to take a shower. I get a shirt some undergarments and some spandex. I head into my bathroom and turn the water on, I strip and step in. I can feel the water relaxing my muscles, I take my vanilla soap and shampoo and wash my hair and body. I turn it off and step out and get dressed. I walk down the stairs to see him on the couch in the living room with the flat screen on. "Would you like to help me make dinner or just sit and be lazy," I said while cocking and putting a hand on my hip. He turned so he could see me and puts a cocky smirk on his face,"Well I have all the time in the world so I think I will take you up on that offer of sitting and being "lazy" as you would call it while I think of it as letting time fly by when there are many other times for that opportunity to happen again." I stood there trying to take in what he said and commented,"Try to imagine life without timekeeping. You probably can't. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie. Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check it's watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays. Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out. So you might want to get of your ass and live your life to the fullest because we don't know what could happen at any given moment." With that being said I walked in to the kitchen swaying my hips a little bit with my head held high to show that I meant business leaving a star-struck Ashton behind. When we were both in the kitchen I made Ashton get out all the ingredients out for my famous lasagna. I'm not going to go through the details so let's just say that he is going to clean up that mess in there. When the food was done we walked into the dinning room and started to eat in silence seeing as Ashton was stuffing his mouth mumbling how thankful he was for his existence to be able to eat my oh so "god touched" food as he put it. "Well I'm of to bed because meeting boys like you really tire me out," I say. "Oh you mean sexy men that really know how to put you to work?" he says with a smirk wiggling his eyebrows. My mouth hangs open and I get up out of my seat as fast as lightning and punch his arm. "Oww god dammit that really hurt, do you lift like a hundred a day gosh!" After his little rant I drop on the floor laughing so hard that tears spring to my eyes. "Ok ok it wasn't that funny now I'm going to bed, where is my room?"he asks. "Second...door...on your...right," I manage to squeeze through laughs. "Yeah well shut up and goodnight." "Yeah yeah goodnight," I said. I get up and go to my room and snuggle in my comforter with my eyes slowly closing.

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