A Drop of Hope

All she knows is the life in her home. She doesn't know there is a life outside the walls of her Masters farm. Until she turns 17. She is sent to one of the Hives. Her new master (Harry) takes a liking of her when she stands up for herself and makes new life time friends. Romance, Conflict, and 1d.
You don't have to like 1d to read this!
Also I got this Idea from a friend but she wanted me to write it. I know some stories like this are out there and I don't mean to copy anyone.


11. Three Days Time, Hike, Love is Dangerous

 Harry unconsciously taps his foot while waiting impatiently for my response. My cheeks flush with embarrassment.

"I don't know what your talking about." I reply to his question almost too simply. Both of them burrow their eyebrows in deeper. "Maybe I made a mistake." The doctor corrects himself and shakes his head back and fourth. "My apologies sir." He states as he walks out the door.

"We can still go to town in three days time" Harry reassures me, "You don't have to work until then."

Harry snickers, laughing at his joke. Hence going to town is technically work. "Haha, very funny Harry."

He smiles when I say this. "I hope you don't think of this as work. I want you to be happy here"

"No Harry," I sigh "This is the biggest break I have had in a long time."

"Ya I know."Harry says with a sudden look of concern. "Ava you look pale. You should get some rest."

""I'm fine, but I am tired, thanks."

Before Harry leaves he scoots closure to my bed. "You really scared me Ava."

"I'm sorry, Zendaya and her friends were just making fun of me and I... I had to day something to them."

"Don't be sorry, Ava. It's not your fault." Harry leans closure to me. "I think I love you" My heat skips a beat did he really say that? I can feel my cheeks heating up.

"Night. Ava" Harry turns around shuts out the lights and shuts the door behind him.


"Ava!" The deep voice whispered causing me to shoot out of my bed a little. "What?"  I say a little irritated that someone would wake me up at this hour. "It's  Zayn. I want to show you something."

"What could possibly want to show me at 1 in morning??"

"Just change into some sneakers and those weird shorts in the second to last drawer of your closet, it's a surprise. Meet me  downstairs at the back door."

After changing into Zayn's requested outfit Ala says goodbye to me before leaving the room. Thank god she didn't question me leaving.

"What do you want Zayn?"

"It's a surprise  I already told you." Zayn Grabs my hand as we follow a path with a flash light and Zayns bag.

"How's your new schedule?" Zayn says trying to make small talk. "It's very relaxing. Not much work"

He laughs. "Well yeah." He says in a duh kinda tone. "Harry and I are going to town in three days. I guess that counts" I quote Harry

"Town? Really?" Zayn says surprised.

"Yeah He offered to take me. "

Oh, he never takes anyone to town with him. Ever." he informs me.

"Well he is taking me in three days." I explain again. "He must like you." Zayn says almost disappointed but he quickly changes the subject before I can fully understand his look.

We end up hiking for a very long time actually, but I enjoyed it. We spoke of everything. Our conversation before we got there ended with me and Zayn complaining about homes and hives, and even agreeing with one another on most topics.

"Were here" Zayn whispers while covering my eyes. It smelled fresh, and I have a feeling were somewhere near a small water fall. "Look!" Zayn shouts pulling away his hands.

At first I can only gasp. "Zayn! Oh my gosh" I squeeze his hand excitedly. "What is this place."

"I'm not really sure it has a name, but this is my favorite place."

"I can see why." I reassure him.

I was right about the water fall, but wrong about everything else. Were in a meadow. Open yet in a small cozy circle cut of from the rest of the world. Zayn pulls out a blanket and lays down.

"Care to join?" He laughs in a strange accent I've never heard.

"Why of coarse!" I respond in the same unknown tone.

I sit next to him and it isn't until then I realize just how perfectly he timed this whole thing. We got here right at sunrise. "This beautiful." I break the silence. "This is ours." Zayn barely whispers. "Ours?" I say leaning into him. "My sister always told me to make moments that you can never recreate. That's what I'm doing." I nod.

"I haven't seen anything like this before, I feel full."

"I guess."  he sighs

"Well Don't you?' I ask Zayn. Although his answer isn't quite what I expect. "Almost."

"What do mean, 'Almost'"

"I just feel like I'm missing something. I can't describe it." Zayn brushes it off like it's nothing, but it's not.


"Love."  Zayn says more confidently.

"I can't find anyone who is worth loving or even loves me back." Zayn finally confesses up to me.

"Love." I repeat. "Maybe no one loves you back because they know that love is dangerous in this world."

Zayn pulls me closer "Well I'm willing too take the risk." All I know is I'm probably not ready to risk it. Especially since I'm first girl.

I can feel it coming before it even happens. He loves me, and I'm not sure who I love or if I even love anyone.

But Zayn Malik is going to kiss me.


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