A Drop of Hope

All she knows is the life in her home. She doesn't know there is a life outside the walls of her Masters farm. Until she turns 17. She is sent to one of the Hives. Her new master (Harry) takes a liking of her when she stands up for herself and makes new life time friends. Romance, Conflict, and 1d.
You don't have to like 1d to read this!
Also I got this Idea from a friend but she wanted me to write it. I know some stories like this are out there and I don't mean to copy anyone.


4. Hives, Homes, and Love?


"Ava?" A voice calls out. "Wake up."

My eyes open and I see master hovering over.


"What are you doing in the middle of the hall?" I take my eyes off him and see that I am in the same place that bitch led me into "Oh sorry, I got lost."

"Why were back here in the first place?" Master says. "I, uhh. I-"I stumbled with my words. "It doesn't matter lets get you back o your room so you can sleep there." Master grabs my hand and pulls me towards the right direction. He looks at me an smiles. "What?" I ask laughing. "Your just so cute." He playfully swoops me into his arms and carries me into the hall i recognize from this morning. I laugh. "I can walk you know."

"You must be tired." He says ignoring my last sentence. "I guess." I yawn and then blush because I yawned right when I said that.

"Well i guess i will see you in the morning."

"I guess you will." I joke. "you better show up to breakfast this time, or i will search the halls for you." He tells  me, but i could tell he meant that he really would look for me He carefully lays me onto the bed, i hadn't even realized we were back in my room yet. I'm just to focused on him. I probably shouldn't fall in love with him, because he is just going to break my heart if i do. Yet once again, instead of playing it smart with my my masters, i look into his eyes and melt.

Don't get me wrong i have no plans to try and make a move on him. I don't know if he will try to, but i hope not. It would be to weird. He probably wont even like me if he finds my bruises.

I used to live off a home, not a hive. What I am in now is called a hive, because there is one master, one superior who gives the orders.The slaves cant get pregnant if they do there baby is sent to a home.

All the hive people are 17 or older. The men are usually working on moving furniture, fixing machines and other broken things, doing the stuff woman usually cant do. The women do house work, please the master (if they are in his circle), and even trading with other slave owners to make a peace offerings or bring money to the different hives. Also each slave has there own room most of the time or they share with two or more people.

However, In a home one family is superior to another one or two small families. The two small families get small houses were one family stays in one small house.

In my old home the mister and mistress were cruel. Mister beat me and my family when we did wrong. Its against the law to beat a slave very hard when the are under the age of 17, but mister and his  did almost every time I did even the smallest thing wrong. And I have a feeling if Master finds out he will be pissed.

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