A Drop of Hope

All she knows is the life in her home. She doesn't know there is a life outside the walls of her Masters farm. Until she turns 17. She is sent to one of the Hives. Her new master (Harry) takes a liking of her when she stands up for herself and makes new life time friends. Romance, Conflict, and 1d.
You don't have to like 1d to read this!
Also I got this Idea from a friend but she wanted me to write it. I know some stories like this are out there and I don't mean to copy anyone.


9. Counting to twelve, Awake, No town today.

"Just count to twe..." A voice fades out. Twelve? Why twelve? Did he find me?

I start to panic. Breathe Ava.

I can hear mumbles but I can't fully understand them yet.

"One" Oh my god. My subconscious warns me to wake up. I can't handle living with him anymore. Or ever again. Where is the usual threats and pain?

"Three" Maybe it's just a dream, but everything feels so real.

 "Five" Ava come on! Wake up! Did Harry see all of it then not want me anymore? Did they take me back?

"Six" I hear someone groan in pain.

"Seven"  It takes me a second to realize that voice in pain is me.  Maybe at twelve they will just kill me.


"God that bitch" Someone says. This gives me the shivers, they were talking about me.

"Ten" Only two more numbers till I die.


"Twelve" Now this real. The pain is clear and stabs me clean through  over and over. I  I thrash my arms out as hard as I can.

"NO!" I yell my eyes open wide open until my vision starts coming back to me. Only this time I can see Harry with a very concerned expression and a startled doctor  calling for help on the phone.

"Ava!"Harry zooms over to the bed and takes my hand. "Whats wrong?"

''Why." I manage out breathlessly. "Did you count to twelve"

"No we tried to count to 20 but you screamed at twelve."

"Who did this to you?" The doctor questions.

"Zendaya." I snort meanly. "No I know that, I mean where did all of your other scars come from."

Harry looks over at the doctor confused. "What do you mean. I thought all of this was from Zendaya."

The doctor shakes his head and this both of them look at me for answers.

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