A Drop of Hope

All she knows is the life in her home. She doesn't know there is a life outside the walls of her Masters farm. Until she turns 17. She is sent to one of the Hives. Her new master (Harry) takes a liking of her when she stands up for herself and makes new life time friends. Romance, Conflict, and 1d.
You don't have to like 1d to read this!
Also I got this Idea from a friend but she wanted me to write it. I know some stories like this are out there and I don't mean to copy anyone.


1. Ava, Sayuri, and Master


I don't  like eating fish.

Every time I put any inside me I feel as if I need to barf, and I always do. The sick feeling is manageable, but I don't prefer to have to put up with it.   My old masters son always told me I needed to be skinny, he would punish me if I got any heavier than I was the day before. They only fed me fish once a day for three years, and for three years  I threw up fish everyday.

In my opinion I am not chubby, fat, or to skinny. I don't think I'm very beautiful or Ugly. I don't even mind most of the time, and when I do I don't act on it. Having a weakness in this world isn't much of  an option, but everyone has them. Even me.The only people who don't seem to have any are the free people. I know they do, I just haven't found it yet.

Fish is just one of many weaknesses I have. So as I sit politely at the table in my friends kitchen, I slowly try eat the discussing fish laid in front of me.

"Ava?" Sayuri asks looking at me nervously. I look back at her trying to find out what she is thinking. "Yeah?"

"What time is your Mister getting you?"

"Uhm..." As if on que, masters car pulls into the drive way and my ring buzzes. "Now!" my voice cracks a little. Sayuri stands up and walks to the door with me.

"I love you Kat!!" Sayuri whispers. I feel tears brimming in my eyes but I force them back. " Don't forget me." I hug her tightly grasping on to any comfort that i can. "Never."

After saying goodbye to my old companion I turn to face the new carriage and my new life. My new Master is in the backseat. This is the second time I have meet him. The first time however I have seen his face.

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