A Drop of Hope

All she knows is the life in her home. She doesn't know there is a life outside the walls of her Masters farm. Until she turns 17. She is sent to one of the Hives. Her new master (Harry) takes a liking of her when she stands up for herself and makes new life time friends. Romance, Conflict, and 1d.
You don't have to like 1d to read this!
Also I got this Idea from a friend but she wanted me to write it. I know some stories like this are out there and I don't mean to copy anyone.


8. 1st Girl, Threats and Bruises

"Zendaya." Harry Smiles at me as Zendaya walks up in her short dress and heals. "Congratulations Ava." Harry says when he runs up to me. 

I stare at him with wide eyes and a slight smile. "What?" I s all I can manage out. "Why wasn't I warned about this?" I ask. "Well I didn't want you to worry. And I never tell the 1st girl about it as warning. No one ever is allowed to talk about it until the day of also. All your friends don't know about me not telling the 1st girl so don't blame them. Only the superiors know."

"Wait, so Zayn knew when I told him I didn't know?" I say a little annoyed. "Yup, he said that he tried to calm you down after he explained but you left just as he was going to say something."

"Oh." I laugh a little. "But what does this mean now? What do I do everyday?"

"Basically your only job is to be my girlfriend. That is of course if you want to. You could be my best friend instead.


"That's the thing I barely know you! You know me better than I know you. And even still you don't much about me." I look up into his eyes, they are so green. To me he is a perfect angel, but all the same it's more than about just looks.

"I know more than you think actually. I know you love the color burgundy, I know you can't swim, I know you are scared of the number 12, although i don't know why, I also know you have a birthmark the shape of a heart on your shoulder but i have never seen it because you never show any skin below you neck. I know you have never written a word in you life, but you somehow learned to read ( even though your not supposed to know how.) "

"Impressive but there is more to me than you may think. Wether or not i can swim or read doesn't define me as a person."

"True," Harry pauses to think. " So if you're so concerned about getting to know me then why don't we spend some time together."

"Ok, deal." I nod. "You and I are going to town this weekend"

"Town?!" I almost yell. "The only time i have been out of my home was when I was shipped to the hive!" Harry looks shocked. "Ever?" "Never."

"Well then Ava, I am proud to be your fist accompany to the town."

"See you at lunch I guess?" I say giving him a hug and exiting the room. "definitely"


"I can't believe she got 1st girl over me!" I hear a snotty voice yell. "I know! She has only been here a week, and she can't even dress the part of 1st girl."

"Ugh. If she hadn't got here I would be 1st girl again and Jasmine would have gotten in."

"Also she is still a virgin, normally Harry would see how good they are in bed b4 choosing."

I peer over the corner to see Zendaya talking to one of here annoying clones. "Maybe Harry just happens to like me over you." I say stepping out of my hiding place.

She scoffs. "Puhleasee!" She gives me a classic bitch look. "He pity's you."

"He would pick someone he pity to be his 1st girl? I don't think he would."

"Well obviously yes." Zendaya says taking a step towards me. "Since right now I'm going to be a better person, im gonna walk away so you keep making accuses for yourselves" I cross my arms not sticking around to be put down.

  "Sabrina Get her!" Zendaya Barks. and with that a break into a run.Sabrina already on my trail lunges forward and grabs my ankle forcing me to trip on the ground.

With that two other girls I don't know pin me down and then drag me back to the room. One Blonde haired one punches me in the face twice. "

"Is that all you got Zendaya? Can't even fight your own fight?" This Is nothing to me try getting beaten up by you 23 year old Master and his friends. Who work out.

This Zendaya hops on top of me leaving me pretty beat up and there is no way I can hide this from Harry.

Eventually I see Zendaya and her friends leave and memories start to fade back


1, Because You disobeyed me

The whip smacked my back

2, Because I know you like my sex you just refuse to admit it

A kick in the stomach

3, Because your a slut

4, because you deserve this,

5, because you're ugly

6, because you dont appreciate me

7, Because you are a slave

8, Because you make me tie up when you refuse,

9, because youre fat

10, because you are a dirty bitch

11, because I have to whip you

12, because you deserve this,

And after 12 he does the worst thing one could imagine. Worse than torture.


I shudder at the thoughts and force myself to get off the floor and make my way over to my room.

"Hey Ava?" I hear the all to familiar voice of Zayn Malik.He runs over to me thinking Im fine by looking from behind.

"Not right now Zayn Go away" I say hoping he doesn't see my face. "Whats wrong?" He says catching up with me.

"Oh my god, who did this to you?" He says grabbing my shoulder. "Just go away" I whisper. Zayn pulls me back, and as I naturally, fall back he catches me and phone Harry.

"Someones gonna be pissed." Is the last thing I hear.




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