The Exchange Students

I'm Marceline Abadeer (Marci ) The first week of October, some exchange students from London move to Maplewood, my small home town. One mistake leads me to my new bullies, but no one knows. At first it was just name calling, then they started beating me. Maybe I should have told some one, but I think it's too late because the last thing I remember was a rag that smelled of alcohol being put over my face and those beautiful hazel eyes, that caused me so much pain.


1. The Truth

Marci's POV

"HURRY UP!", Luke yells through the phone, as I slip on some ripped up skinny jeans and a lacy white tank top. "I'm coming, I'm coming don't get your panties in a twist", I yell back, as I run down the stairs breathless. I had woken up late and the guys were waiting for me, so I was in a hurry. "Hurry up you ALWAYS take FOREVER!", He whines through the phone and stretches the er in forever. "DO NOT!", I yell back, while smearing Nutella on a almost burnt bagel. "DO TOO", I hear Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke say all together in super five year old mode. "WHATEVER!", I yell, clearly annoyed at their tone, and hang up. I walk out of my house and shut the door behind me. Luke's car is parked in my drive way. I run over and open the door to the passengers seat. "FINALLY!", Michael said as though they had been waiting for months out here. "We've been waiting for five hours", I turn to face the guys and give them the death glare, everyone except Luke gives in. Luke is my guy BFF, and has seen that glare way to many times, so it's not that easy to make him give in.

As we drive off,"Break Your heart right back", by Ariana Grande came on. I turned it up and started singing to it, eventually all the guys started singing too. Luke parked in his parking spot, with five minutes to get to class. We walk into the school and all the girls stare at the guys, as usual. They are some of the hottest guys in school, so I don't blame them. As we keep walking forward we walk past the three hags and as usual the give me nasty looks and I hear them snicker, but as usual I ignore them. They have always hated me for hanging with Michael, Ashton, Calum, and Luke. Also because I'm dating the main hags ex-boyfriend Jake Houston. I assume The head of the hags, Britney (the supposed Barbie doll) wonders why he picked me over her. I'm a shy brunette, who isn't into that many sports, and she's little miss flawless head cheerleader. Jake is a football player and is one of the top ten cutest guys in school along with his two best buddies. Sometimes I wonder why he picked me over her.

Anyway, as we got to the end of the hall we started parting our ways. I had American history first. Ugh. Just as I sat in my seat, next to my chick bestie Desi, the bell rang. "You slept in again didn't you." She said it more as a statement than a question. I nodded as the teacher started to blab about stuff I didn't care about.

The whole day passed by in a blur. Desi and I started walking to the school parking lot where Luke's car was parked. We walked to the car and next to it was a black car. It was Calum's. The boys weren't out yet so I decided to talk to Desi. "So when are you going to tell him that you've had a crush on him since 6th grade?" I ask as a smile starts to form on my face. "Never," she says with a really glum tone and expression. "Why not, you know Calum has a crush on you too," a huge smile is splattered on my face, and it's starting to form on Desi's face too. "That's a lie!" Even though she is smiling I can tell she's still a little glum but a little hopeful at the same time. Just as she is done with the sentence we see the boys walking towards us. I turn and smile at Desi, which she answers with an eye roll. "Hey, when'd you get a new car?" I tell Calum as him and the guys stop in front of us. "Yesterday, talking about my car, who wants me to drive them home!" "Desi does," I say all cheery. She gives me a "I'm gonna get you for this look." "Anyone else," he adds. "Me!" Michael says, I elbow him in the ribs and give him a look. "Never mind." We all know Desi and Calum like each other, the only ones who don't know are them. Nobody else says anything cause they know what I'm trying to do. I hear Luke whisper "get some" to Calum, and he replies with an eye roll.

"Thank god it's Friday," I say as Luke drops me off at my house. He had already dropped off all the other guys. He smiles with a tired smile. I smile back, "his smile is so cute" I think to myself. We say our good byes and I walk up the porch steps to my front door. Luke doesn't leave until I open the door and wave one last time.

My eyes flutter open. It's Saturday. I get up and change into some jeans and a stripped long sleeve shirt, along with my white flats. I planed to surprise jake at his house with movies, popcorn, and ice cream, but first I need to go buy all the things. I go to my moms room to see if she's there. Nothing. On her dresser there is a note.

Dear Marci

I had to go on a business trip. I know I said it was next week and it was only going to be for a 4 weeks, but we had a change of plans. I'm going to be gone until the end of October. I left some money in the third dresser. I'm so sorry, I know we were going to spend time together all next week. Love you and if you need something just call me.

Love, mom

I was a little disappointed. I was going to be alone in the house for a whole month. My mom is divorced and so I have no dad, I haven't seen him since I was two. I folded up the note and stuck it in my pocket. Opened the third drawer and took out the money. I better buy some food for the house while I was at the store.

7:55 pm

I decided to head to Jakes house. I park my car in front of his house. I skip towards his front door, as the rain starts to close in. I glance threw the window and stop right in my tracks. There I see a blonde girl on the couch under jake. My heart drops to my toes, as I catch a glance at the blond under neath jake. It's Britney and they are making out like there is no tomorrow. The rain starts to pour. I feel tears running down my face. "No," is all I mange to whisper. I ran to my car, and drove any where but here, tears running down my face the whole way. I ended up at a park. I sat on a bench wanting to be soaking wet, I didn't care. I sat in silence for a few seconds and finally broke into tears. Luke lives in this neighborhood, I remembered. Wanting to be with him was all I wanted, I sprinted to his house, leaving my car behind, wishing I could un-see everything.

Luke's POV

"Ding dong," the door bell rang. Who could be at my house at 8:00, I thought to myself as I walked to the door. There on my front step is a soaking wet Marci. "Marci are you ok?" I ask clearly worried. She shakes her head, I can tell she's about to cry, and she pulls me into a hug. I react quickly and pull her into the house as she sobs into my shoulder. My arms are wrapped around her waist and hers are wrapped around my neck, I am now also wet. We stand a few minute in silence after she stops sobbing. "Do you want to change into some dry clothes," I whisper into her ear. She nods against my chest in silence.

I hand her an over sized sweater and some sweat pants of mine, she still hasn't said a word. While she's in the bathroom, I change into some dryer clothes as well, then walk down stairs. I'm curious to know what's bothering her, but I don't think she's going to tell me. She comes down stairs, he wet hair in a messy bun, she doesn't have the sweat pants on, just the sweater, but it fits her like a dress. I give her a questioning look, not excepting an answer. "They were to big," she says it so quietly I almost don't hear her. "Let's watch a movie," I say. A faint smile creeps onto her face. "A scary movie?" I nod and her smile gets a tiny bit wider. "I'll get the ice cream, you pick the movie," her smile seems to light the room.

Marci's POV

I look through the scary movies that Luke has. We always watch scary movies together, because he knows I love them so much. He always seems to make me happy. There was never a time where he couldn't bring my spirits up. He walked back into the room with two bowls of ice cream. I decided to pick the movie Oculus. Luke pulled up the les of the couch so we could lay on it. We cuddled up in a bunch of blankets as the movie began. Luke pulled me closer than usual to him, it was comforting.

My eyes started to drift shut. I tried to stay awake but my eyes were puffy from crying and they were being forced to shut. As my eyes sealed shut, I wished I could forget everything I saw this night, wished I could wake up with amnesia.


I hope you guys like the first chapter. It's a little short but I hope that's ok. I'll be making more chapters! Well much love to all my readers!

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