The Exchange Students

I'm Marceline Abadeer (Marci ) The first week of October, some exchange students from London move to Maplewood, my small home town. One mistake leads me to my new bullies, but no one knows. At first it was just name calling, then they started beating me. Maybe I should have told some one, but I think it's too late because the last thing I remember was a rag that smelled of alcohol being put over my face and those beautiful hazel eyes, that caused me so much pain.


5. Hallways

Marci's POV

The next morning, Tuesday

The guys Desi and I walked into the school. Luke held my hand as we walked past the three hags and Jake. All of them gave us glares, but I honestly didn't give a fuck. They could stare all they wanted, I would barely even notice.

Luke walked me to my first class. We stopped in front of the door and he kissed my cheek. "See you later k," he said as I kissed his cheek back.

"K, bye Luke," I said as I walked into the class.

As soon as I walked in Harry's eyes were focused on me. I sat down in my desk, not saying a word and trying not to make contact with his eyes, in fear that I'd get lost in them.

I could feel his eyes on me. "Hey," I hear him say over "how" by the neighborhood, which is playing through my earbuds.

"Hi," I smile at him. He smiles back. Shit I almost melt, his smile was like the sun and I was the ice cream on a hot summer day. 'No' I mentally scream at myself, Luke wouldn't like that I thought that way of another guy. Too bad he waited to say hi when class was almost over, because then the bell rang. I rushed out of the room because I couldn't be near him without feeling weak.

In the hall, going to third period

As I walk to third period, I feel someone grab my hand and I'm being forced to be slammed against a Locker.

"Hey beautiful" he says as he kisses my neck. I shove him away.

"I thought I told you to stay away from me Jake" I start to walk away angrily, but he grabs my wrist.

"Oh come on, I know you didn't mean it" he grabbed me from behind, and I pushed him away roughly. I didn't want him to talk to me, let alone touch me.

"I did fucking mean it Jake!" I scream at him. Then Ashton was standing in front of me and was staring at Jake.

"She said to fucking leave her alone, so fuck off!" He says angrily, then quickly grabs my hand. He walks me to my next class.

"Thanks for saving me Ash"

"Knight in shining armor at your service" he says, as he bows. I laugh and walk into my boring ass class.

The last bell rings. I go to my locker to put all the school work I don't care about in. Then someone grabs me from behind and pulls me into a corner in the hall. He pushes me against the wall.

"Harry?" I say a little bit confused.

"Hey, how about you and me go to my house today" he said it as if I didn't have a choice. I pushed him back.

"No, I'm going with Luke" he makes a sound and a disgusted face. Then he pushes me against the wall again, and get close to my ear. I start to feel really uncomfortable, and a little frightened with him.

"Why do you want to go with that guy, he's just using you anyway" that's when I get really ticked off. What happened to him, he seemed so nice before, now he was being a total jerk. I lifted my knee and I kneed him where it hurts the most. He fell onto the ground.

"LIAR!" I scream at him. As I start to walk away he says something.

"Your going to fuckin regret this Marci" I just ignored him and walked away.

I got to the Luke's car, none of the other guys were there. Luke started to turn on his car as I got into it. "What took so long"

"Oh I just ran into Harry" I said not mentioning the other things. Suddenly Luke looked serious. He turned to me, the car was on now.

"Stay away from him ok" he said holding my left hand. "He's bad news" he said after as if knowing I was going to ask why. He started driving to my house, then turned on the radio and started to sing to lighten the mood. Hm what was Luke hiding from me I could see it in his eyes when he lied to me, or was hiding something. If it was important he'd tell me, so it's probably not that important.

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