The Exchange Students

I'm Marceline Abadeer (Marci ) The first week of October, some exchange students from London move to Maplewood, my small home town. One mistake leads me to my new bullies, but no one knows. At first it was just name calling, then they started beating me. Maybe I should have told some one, but I think it's too late because the last thing I remember was a rag that smelled of alcohol being put over my face and those beautiful hazel eyes, that caused me so much pain.


6. 11:30Pm

Luke's POV

Marci was asleep. I slipped out of her grasp, and quickly changed into some cloths. Then I walked down stairs grabbing my keys and going to my car. I drove with the music up high, but I still had questions swirling in my brain, music couldn't drown them out. 11:30. It was late at night, I knew that, but I needed to get things straight. I knew he'd still be awake, as his drug dealing and doing kept him up all night. I finally got our hideout from so long ago. When I got out of the car, I regretted even coming, but no it was to make sure he stays away from Marci.

I walked into the house, of course the music was as loud as it would go, colorful lights inside and outside the house, and lots of people were everywhere. I remember when Harry and I would throw these huge parties, and wake up on the lawn the next morning, totally stoned, and with huge ass headaches. But it wasn't like that anymore, not after the incident. After that we never spoke again, it's been three years since we last saw or spoke to each other.

Inside the pretty huge house, it smelled like marijuana and other drugs. If I hadn't been clean since I met Marci, I probably would have joined in, but I swore I wouldn't go back to that life. I started walking up the stairs to his room. I remembered all the good times we had in this house. I walked down the hall, nobody was up stairs for some reason. His room was the last one. I passed a room that was mine, I didn't go in because I could hear moaning coming out of it. I opened the door to the last room, he was sat on the couch smoking. There were bottles of beer lined on his desk. "What are you doing here" he said as he stood up.

"I'm here to tell you to stay away from Marci" I said menacingly. I saw a smile crawl onto his face, it irritated me and I almost jumped at him.

"Why would I do that" he acted so annoyingly, I wanted to scream.

"Just stay the fuck away, she has nothing to do with what happened!" I said through clenching teeth , balling my fists.

"She has everything to do with what happened!" he yelled it as loud as he could. Then he turned around, and stared out the window. "You took everything from me" he whispered, his back still turned towards me. I felt horrible, I hated what happened, I could've stopped it. We could've still been good friends if I wasn't so stupid, the truth was I missed him. Missed the late night parties, the laughing our asses off. And I fucked up, the biggest fuck up anyone could make. I shouldnt have been drinking that night.

"Harry I said I was sorry, I would give anything to change what happened that night"

"Then give her up" he quickly turned to look at me angrily.

"No, she's mine" I angrily said back, taking a step closer to him.

"Then I'm going to make your lives a living hell!" he practically growled at me, like a rabid dog.

"Don't you dare FUCKING bring her into this, I'm the one who fucked up, not her, so make MY life a living hell not hers" then I turned for the door, but before I left I said, "And I swear to god if you fucking lay a finger on her, I'm going to beat you to a bloody fucking pulp." With that I left the room slamming the door. I got into my car and drove back to Marci's house.

When I got to the house Marci was awake and staring into the fridge. I didn't hear me come in. I walked over and put my arms around her waist. She shrieked, jumped and turned around. She smacked my arm, "What the hell is wrong with you, I almost peed myself!" she yelled at me. I just laughed and kissed her forehead. "And where did you go" she said sternly.

"I just went to talk to an old friend of mine" I said still holding her by the waist.

"oh ok" she said, then pecked at my lips. "I'm really hungry" she then said.

"yea me too" I said getting her coat, "Lets go get something to eat"

"at Mickey D's?"

"you always what McDonald's don't you" she smiled and shook her head, saying yes. I smirked and we walked to the car.

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