Darkness permiates the room. Your lungs slow. Your breathes become shorter and shorter. You gasp for air as everything fades. Then its gone. Youve drifted into darkness. your gone.
"Hailey" You hear a voice call out.
And you snap out of it.
"Who's- who's there?" You whimper. And then fear floods back all at once.
"Your worst nightmare." Then a horrifying laugh fills the room as you here a saw start. Thats when the fun began.


5. Woah


  Haileys p.o.v.

 I woke up with Harry's arms around me. Someone likes to cuddle. I managed to get out of his embrace and walked to my closet. I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. I got dressed, did my hair in a braid and brushed my teeth. I then went to make breakfast only to find Harry and the others making eggs and bacon. 

"Howd you get here so fast? I wasnt in to bathroom more than 5 minutes. You were asleep when I got up."

"haha, I woke up whenever you moved my arm. Im a very light sleeper love." Harry laughed and continued cooking. We had about an hour and a half before I had to take the boys to sound check.  So we all talked for a while. 


*After sound check around 3 in the afternoon*

"Alright guys, I think I'm gonna go take a well needed nap. I trust that I can trust you guys with the extra key to my house in case yall come back before I wake up." I hand Niall the key saying how he seemed the most responsible at the moment. 

I headed back to the house and drifted to sleep on the couch.


  Nobodys p.o.v.

 As Hailey drifted on the couch the boys came home an hour later. She was still asleep. 


  Harrys p.o.v.

 She looked like an angel. She should be one. Angels are hard to come by, so she needs to be protected, in a place where no one can hurt her. So I picked up a pillow, and walked over to her. And I whispered,

"I love you Hailey. I really thought we could have a future together. But your too perfect. Ive fallen for someone. After a day. So you need to be protected my sweet, sweet angel. In a place where no one can do you harm. You wont see me there, Im so very sorry my love."

I took the pillow into both hands, my palms sweating. For once I had a sense of hesitation come over me. This isnt me. Im a protector. I dont want to do this to her. But if I dont, the guys, they'll hurt me. I have to do this. I- I have to. 

I felt emotional. And I dont know what's happened to me.

I inched closer and closer to her. Ready to force this pillow on her face. It sickened me, I'm going to see someone as perfect as her, struggle for a breath. And then it's all going to end, and I wont be happy again.

I was just close enough to her face that I could hear, her slow and steady breaths. 

And just as I was about to do it, her eyes fluttered open. 

"Oh Hailey, I was gonna put a pillow under your head, you looked uncomfortable."

Her voice was croaky,

"Thanks Harry, but I'm waking up now." She said getting up.

This is a sign, she isnt supposed to be protected. She can and will be mine. I dont care what the guys say. I think Im in love with her.

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