Darkness permiates the room. Your lungs slow. Your breathes become shorter and shorter. You gasp for air as everything fades. Then its gone. Youve drifted into darkness. your gone.
"Hailey" You hear a voice call out.
And you snap out of it.
"Who's- who's there?" You whimper. And then fear floods back all at once.
"Your worst nightmare." Then a horrifying laugh fills the room as you here a saw start. Thats when the fun began.


2. My Life


  Haileys p.o.v.

(3 years earlier)

 I have a simple life, living in Gatlinburg Tennsessee never really helped either. It was very country and everyone was redneck. Including myself actually. Everyone knew everyone by a first and last name basis. Mostly because no one new moved here. And no one moved away from here. We didnt even have a school above elementary. You had to go to school online when you started middle school. And no one here really went to college because well, none of the jobs here really required a college education. Saying how no one here really knows proper grammar. The vocabulary here consists of aint, beer, and chewing tobacoo. And if you knew how to say those words in the correct context, you fit in with everyone else. But not me. Yeah I know how to fit in, and yeah I have the country accent, but I dont want to be confined to this "blink and you miss it" town. Im really the only one who uses technology in this town. And Im pretty much the only one who listens to music that is different from country. And I dont listen to much other music but still, Ive listened to some pop, mostly maroon 5 or the new band uh, 5 sos or something like that.

We are such a poor town that we dont even get many concerts here. Aside from this weekend. Some hip boy band called "One Direction" I think, is coming to perform a free show. Ive been asked by the "mayor" to kind of show them around and whats up around here since im pretty much as nodern as they get 'round here.

But I have to say Im a little excited to see what these boys are like. Being able to see civilized people sounds kind of fun if ya think bout it. Especially when ya live in a town filled with gun shooting, tabacco spitting, hootin and hollerin rednecks. But who knows, maybe Ill realize that Gatlinburg is the best place to be for a girl like me.

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