Darkness permiates the room. Your lungs slow. Your breathes become shorter and shorter. You gasp for air as everything fades. Then its gone. Youve drifted into darkness. your gone.
"Hailey" You hear a voice call out.
And you snap out of it.
"Who's- who's there?" You whimper. And then fear floods back all at once.
"Your worst nightmare." Then a horrifying laugh fills the room as you here a saw start. Thats when the fun began.


3. Meeting Them


  Haileys p.o.v.

 This morning I woke up early, around 9 ish. I was going to be late to meet the guys. So I threw on a plaid shirt and shorts. I ran out to my truck and drove a good 2 minutes to the parking lot where the concert would be. wasnt much of a parking lot though. All together it probably had 20 parking spots in it. I got out of my truck to see these 5 boys get out of a huge bus. They all looked so clean and pretty. Something Im not particularly used to.

They all walked up and stood shoulder to should in front of me. They looked a bit nervous. Luckily I wasnt.

"Hey there boys. Im Hailey." Sticking out my hand to each of them.

"Im Liam" Said the one with short brown ish hair.

"Im Niall" Said the one with blonde hair and an intense, thick accent.

"Im Harry."

"Im louis"

"And Im zayn."

"Well dont yall just sound so dang fancy. Im gonna be your some what tour guide for the weekend, so any questions, yall dont hesitate to ask me okay?"

"You have an adorable accent love." Said Louis.

"Well uh, Thank ya I guess. You all have a pretty fancy accent yer selves. what accent is that?"

"British? Have you never heard a British accent before?" Said Harry.

"No cant say I have.But what about you, Niall right? You dont sound like them. Where are ye from?"

"Im from Ireland babe."

"Oh, that sounds awesome. Well, what do you boys wanna do first, because I aint gonna stand here all day."

"Well I could go for some food." Niall said.

"Well we could either go to my house and Ill amke yall somethin, or we can go to the BBQ joint down the road."

We decided on bbq, and we talked.

"So Hailey, you really dont know about us?" Zayn asked.

"No, sorry hun. We dont get great cell phone connection here. So the internet doesnt always work. Goes up and down. Only know of a few bands that arent local and aint one of them start with no 'One Direction'. But you fellas sound real cool."

"You are probably the cutest thing Ive ever seen." Harry said smiling at me.

"Well I dont know if thats a good thing or not. But honey, you dont know a thing bout me." I said with a wink. 

He seemed taken aback. He had no idea that I could snap into the american girl that wasnt all redneck all the time.

"Oh really? Tell me what I should know." He said leaning a bit closer. The others a little weirded out.

"Well, this, me, is all an act hun. I know proper grammar. Yeah I have the accent but Im not all about the "aint" kinda language. I actually have a high school education unlike the rest of this town." I said with proper grammar. All the guys looked surprised which made me laugh.

"You know we arent all just dumb rednecks. There is more to us then hunting and camo." I laughed.

"Sorry babe. We just, never met a girl on this level before. But please, be comfortable around us. We dont judge." NIall giggled.

"Well I hope I wouldnt have to be fake anymore. 'babe'" I said with air quotes.

They all laughed. 

"Well should we take a tour of the town?" I asked.

"As long as your with us." Harry smiled.

"Alright ya flirt. Lets hop to it." I said getting up. They followed.

And off we went.

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