Teachers pet

When angel meets her new teacher and she starts getting the special treatment especially when her 18th birthday is coming up with a fun filled location
will she survive the school year will James or with her math teacher .


1. chapter one

I awake with a loud thud and then I felt al little wishing sound as I fell off the bed .

" you wouldn't get up " my mom said as she motioned for me to get down stairs for breakfast .

I choose my favorate cereal fruit loops , then sit at the table .

" you didn't need to do that " I said to her .

" your the one that didn't get up " she looked at me with a smart ass face then continued eating her cereal .

" you didn't even call me to get up " I protested but he just came up with more smart responses that where just annoying .

" I recall you saying , five more minutes James , " she said . James was my boyfriend and I sometimes stayed the night as his house but my mom didn't know that . I stayed last night but I guess he brand me home and I didn't know .

" you have a deep voice , I mistake you for people , no judge " I said then ate a big gulp of cereal when I saw the clock .

" FLIP " I yelled while getting my new book bag and rushing out the door . It was the first day I can't possibly be late. I thought as I got into my car and sped to the school.

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