One Heart || N.H Fanfic ||

'I only have one heart, So be fragile'


1. One Heart*

The pain comes within a broken heart. I only have one heart, So be fragile. A heart can crumbled an never be full again.

But once your heart is broke by that one person there's no going back. A broken heart is useless..

One heart, One adventure, One life.

Glaring at the sky. Looking at the beautiful stars, lighting up the night sky. "What you doing out here so late?" I turn to see Niall. "Nothing just couldn't sleep so I decided to sit on the porch."

"Well come back in & get to bed, Want something to drink like hot chocolate?"

I glared at the stars one last time before getting up an going in. "Yes A cup of hot chocolate would be nice." After bout 3-5 minutes he brought me a nice warm cup.

We headed to bed. "Goodnight Niall, Love you"

"Goodnight, Love you Kayla."


I woke up to dimmed light, rolled over to see my Niall. He was adorable. "Mm Goodmorning.." He murmured. "Good morning Ni."

I got up & looked through my dresser for some clothes for the day. I found pair of black ripped jeans, adorable crop t-shirt. I went to the bathroom. Turned of the the shower & stripped naked, I slowly got in. Washing my hair & body. I turned off the shower. I got out. Dried off. Put on my undergarments, Jeans, crop t-shirt.

I walked out to see Niall half asleep. "Niall? Babe?"

"Mmmm what.?" He muttered. "Never mind, I'm going to my moms."


I put on my black vans. Grabbed my car keys & headed out to my moms.


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