Moments That Change Life Forever

Keep your eyes on me, stay awake.


3. Chances

Logan's POV

I wake up and see Kylie sitting up, her eyes red and puffy, her face pale white. Hey Kylie, how are you doing? It's hard to breathe Logan. Kylie your going to be ok, I say holding my tears back. I sit on her bed and grab her hand. Your going to be ok. Thanks Logan I love you so much sissy. I love you too. A nurse walks in with an oxygen tank. Here Kylie put this in your nose. What does it do she asks the nurse. It helps you breathe. She puts it in her nose, it feels good. The nurse leaves and mom walks in. Hey sweeties I brought someone to cheer you up Kylie. Macey? She tries to yell. Yeah. She shows Kylie Macey. I love her mommy. I know we all love her. How are you doing my baby. Good mommy. Good. Logan's going to take care of you while I go with Macey ok? Ok mommy see you soon. Ok. I watch my mom walk out the door and hear her crying down the hallway. Hey I'm going to go get you some breakfast on? Ok Logan. I love you she says before I leave, I love you too Kylie. I start walking down the hall and hear footsteps behind me. I look back and it's Ashton running towards me. Hey. Hi. Shouldn't you go back to the hotel Ashton. Don't you have to go to another city or something I say my head pounding. No that was our last show. Oh. We walk into the dining hall and grab all of us some food. We start walking down the hall and tears well up in my eyes. Logan it's going to be ok, she's going to be ok. Ashton says. WHAT IF SHES NOT GOING TO BE OK ASHTON?!? I say breaking down in tears. She is, she is. He holds my hand and we walk down the hall. Logan look at me she's going to be ok. Ok. I say. When we walk in the room I see Luke, Calum, and Michael all sitting next to her singing. She has her eyes closed with a huge smile on her face. Ashton gives my hand one last squeeze then let's go. He goes over with the boys and starts singing too. I flop down in the chair close my eyes and listen to the sound of their voices.

1 Hour Later…

Logan wake up. I'm up I'm up. I look at Ashton standing in front of me. Yeah. C'mon we're going to your house to get your stuff. Ok he grabs my hand and pulls me up. I look at Kylie sound asleep and Michael watching her. I watch her don't worry he says. Thank you Michael. Welcome. We get to the house and I grab basically all my clothes and all of Kylie's things. I say hi to my mom, Macey, and my dad. We go back to the hospital and see nurses running into Kylie's room. I look at Ashton and sprint faster than I ever have before. I walk into the room, Michael almost crying, everything was going in slow moe. I see Kylie laying there lifeless. NO! I scream Ashton grabs me from behind and holds me back. They wheel Kylie out of the room into the surgery room. NO! NO! Ashton let me go. I break free and run to the surgery room. I try to open it but it's locked. I look through the window and see they trying to show Kylie back. I bang on the door and scream, Ashton grabs me again and drags me into the room. He shuts the door so I can't get out. Ashton let me out. Ashton! ASHTON! Logan stop. Breathe, breathe. I can't, I can't. Ashton let me out please please. I say bawling. I can't Logan. I hit the wall and slide down it. Ashton kneels next to me. He kisses my forehead and sits next to me. He grabs my hand and doesn't let go. Ashton she can't leave me, she can't. Logan sh. Sh. Don't talk. I stare at the wall and I can't fall asleep.

9 Hours Later…

My eyes really hurt, from starting at the wall too long. I see the door swing open and the nurses come in with a stretcher. I see Kylie laying down, eyes closed. Kylie! I run over and grab her hand. What happened? I ask one of the nurses. Her one kidney started failing, she's going to have to be on life support. Her chances of living are slim to none. I'm sorry she says. They walk put the door and I stare at Kylie. Ashton hugs me from behind and tells me it's going to be ok. NO ITS NOT ASHTON! I push him away and run, run from the room, run from the hospital, I wish I could keep running. I hit the wall of the hospital until my knuckles start bleeding. I could have done something I tell myself. If I was there I could have done something. Why can't that be me? Why? Michael walks out he hospital doors. Looking at me with worry. Logan are you ok? No Michael I'm not. I'm not ok. He pulls me in for a hug. I tell him I could have done something. Logan there was nothing you could do. Yes there was, I was suppose to protect her. I am and I didn't.

One Week Later…

Today is the day. The day we turn off her life support. I try to stay positive, but it's hard. We go to the hospital, the boys waiting for us outside. I grab Ashton's hand and we go up to her room. When we're up there I go to the machine and pull the lever down. Her eyes flutter open. She tries to smile but she doesn't have enough strength. Logan. She says. Kylie. I missed you. Me too. I grab her hand. How are you I ask her. Not good Logan. It hurts. Everything hurts. It's ok to go Kylie. I don't want to leave you or mommy and daddy or Macey. It will be ok Kylie, we'll be ok. I start crying, she does too. I'm scared Logan. Don't be, you'll like it in heaven. I'm going to watch over you Logan. I'm going to be an angel. Yeah the most beautiful angel ever. I love you Logan. I love you more than you'll know Kylie. Now close your eyes, sh, sh. I love you Lo… her hand goes limp and I look at the monitor as it goes in one straight line. No no Kylie wake up. I need to see you one more time. Please, please Kylie, please. I look at Ashton and say I can't do it Ashton, I thought I could, but I can't, I can't. Yes you can Logan, he pulls me in for a soft kiss and just holds me. He doesn't let go, I don't let go.

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