Cameron Dallas | You again. (Sequal 2 Memories)

Its been 6 months since Cameron said goodbye to his one true love.
Nash introduces Cameron to a girl named Acacia and from there everything just wents wrong.
Cameron and Acaica starts hanging out, but in the mean time Ava realises what a huge mistake she had made by saying goodbye to Cameron.
She wents to LA, but sees Cameron and Acacia together.
She runs away and from there everything goes black.
Ava suddently cant remember anything from the last several years.


4. Tears.

#Cameron's POV#

I couldnt believe it. 

It was really Ava.


I kept looking at her standing in the door opening, but i didnt get up stupid as i was.

I looked into her eyes, they were soaked.

"Ava" I kept looking at her. 

She shoke her head and ran away.


I quickly got Acacia off me and ran after Ava.

"What? Cameron!" Acacia called my name from the bedroom as i ran after Ava, filled with guilt.


"AVA!" I could see her, and i yelled her name, but she kept running.

Before i knew it, i was standing outside on the street.

"Ava! Please stop!" She acutally stopped and looked back at me.

Her eyes were all red.


"I cant believe youre really here" She didnt move, she just stood about 5 feet away from me.

I walked towards her, as she started crying again.

"Dont cry Ava" I wrapped my arms around her. 

She pushed me away and starred at me.


"Ava, im sorry" now i could see anger running through her eyes as she looked mad at me.

"YOURE SORRY?! SORRY FOR WHAT?" She yelled at me.

I walked towards her, but she just moved away.

"Everything, i wasnt expecting that you would ever come back" I smiled.

I was just standning there, shirtless and in bare feet.

"Well dont worry then, cus im never coming back again, you can go upstairs again and have sex with your girlfriend" I shoke my head.

"Ava, i dont want to do that. I want you. Nobody else" I slowly walked towards her again.

"Cameron, thats not true. I saw you closing your eyes when you kissed her. i saw how you smiled. Im not stupid." 

I grapped her hand and looked at it.

"Ava, ive been thinking about you ever since you left me, 6 months ago" She sniffed.

"Cameron, im not here to ruin your new life without me. im just in town to visit my girls. I just thought i wanted to see you. How you were doing, how everything was going on"

I knew she was lying.


"Ava, im not trying to tell you that what you saw, didnt happen, cus it did. and i admit it. I liked kissing her." Ava shoke her head and tried to walk away, when i grapped her arm and made her look at me.

"But it was only because when im closing my eyes, it feels like im kissing you again"


"AVA!" I called her name one million times, but she never looked back.


#Ava's POV#

Okay, so we all know i lied, when i told Cameron that i wasnt here to see him..

but i was so upset, i would never have known that he found someone new.


How could the love of my life do this to me?

I thought he loved me, but maybe i was just some girl he had sex with.

Maybe he was playing around with my heart.


I ran. i just ran.

The tears rolled down my cheeks.

my heart was broken, and right now. 

I dont think it will ever be good again.


I ran to Erika's house, and she told me i could stay there.

So i did.


I told her everything, and like a good friend. She just replied with "He is so stupid, screw him. You disurve better" 

I knew she was just being a good friend, cus Cameron did disurve me. 

Maybe it was me that didnt disurved him...


Erika brought me some cookie dough icecream. 

My favorite.


I ate, and ate and ate.

I kept eating, cus i remember my mom once telling me that icecream could heal a broken heart.

My mom was kinda smart, so i always believed her.


I stayed in Erika's bed, for the most of the day. Besides when i had to pee or something.

She kinda left me alone, cus she knew that i needed my time.


But no matter how much i tried to focus on the good things about this. 

Cameron popped into my head again.

Kissing that girl.


It repeated in my head, again and again and again.

and everytime, it just made me hate him a little bit more.

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