Cameron Dallas | You again. (Sequal 2 Memories)

Its been 6 months since Cameron said goodbye to his one true love.
Nash introduces Cameron to a girl named Acacia and from there everything just wents wrong.
Cameron and Acaica starts hanging out, but in the mean time Ava realises what a huge mistake she had made by saying goodbye to Cameron.
She wents to LA, but sees Cameron and Acacia together.
She runs away and from there everything goes black.
Ava suddently cant remember anything from the last several years.


7. Hospital.

#Nash's POV#

I dont know, why you havent heard my side of all this yet, but you get to now.


Cameron hasnt left the hospital for the 2 days Ava has been unconscious. 

She is still, and the doctors, dont know when she will wake up.

He looked horrible.

His hair was a mess.

His clohthes was covered in dry blood.

and he had never looked so tired in all the years i'd known him.


I was visiting him at the hospital, when a doctor came in.

"We still dont know if Ava will ever wake up again, but we're gonna do our best" 

Cameron quickly got up, and walked towards the doctor.

"Then do something!" I took hold of his arm, before he got to close to the doctor.

"Cameron, calm down" He tried to pull his arm away, but i held it pretty tight.

He looked back at me.

"Let me go Nash" I shoke my head.


"Nash, let me fucking go. NOW!" I slowly pulled my arm, away and watched Cameron walk out of the room.

I looked at the doctor.

"Im sorry, for that" 

I ran after him, and tried to get him to stop.


He kept walking towards the bathrooms.


He stopped, and looked down.


I ran towards him, and got infront of him.

"Cameron, take it easy. Ava will wake up again" 

Cameron looked up at me.

"Its all my fault" I shoke my head.

"Its not your fault, and Ava and everyone else knows that, lets just go back to Ava's room and calm down" 

Cameron nodded, and walked with me back to Ava's room.


After a few hours, Cameron was finally asleep.

He was sitting on the chair besides Ava's bed again, but he was still sleeping.

His head was laying on Ava's hand.

He looked so peacefull.


I dont think i'd ever seen him this tired.

I fell sleep, on the chair in the other end of the room.


Suddently i heard a voice.

"Cameron?" I quickly opened my eyes, and looked towards Ava.

She was awake.

She looked at Cameron, sleeping on her.

She pushed him a bit. 



I got up, and tried to wake up Cameron.

He opened his eyes.


#Cameron's POV#

I opened my eyes, and saw Ava smile at me.

"Cam, are you okay?" 

She moved her hand, and kept smiling.

I got up, and it felt like my smile was making my face to into cramps.

But i didnt care.

The love of my life, was awake.


"Im fine, but Ava, how are you feeling?" 

She looked around the hospital room.

"Im okay, my head hurts abit, but that all. Why am i in the hospital?" 

I looked weird at her.


"Ava, you were in an accident"

She took hold of her head.

"Is that why my head is hurting?" 

I nodded.


A doctor came into our room.

He looked at Ava and smiled.

"I see youre awake Ava, how are you feeling?" 

She smiled.

"My head hurts, other than that, i feel okay" 

The doctor came closer.

"What is the last thing you remember doing before waking up here?" 

She looked down, and made her thinking face.

It was so cute.


"I remember going to the beach with Cameron and the other guys" 

I looked weird at her.

"Are you sure thats the last thing you remember?" 

The doctor started writting down.

I looked at Ava.


"Ava, do you remember me?" 

She giggled.


"Ofcoure i do. youre my bestfriend, we've been that since we were little"

I looked down.

Nash walked closer.

"Have you and Cameron been together?" 

I quickly looked up at her.

She looked weird at me and then back at Nash.


"No, thats just weird. Why are you asking me that?"

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