Louis and Harry have been dating for almost a year now. They were about to have there one year anniversary. Louis never showed up to Harry's... Louis was stabbed in the heart and killed. When Harry finds out he is completely heart broken and goes into complete shut down mode. What will Harry do? Will he find the killer? Or has the killer been in front of him this entire time?


1. Prologue.

"Harry? Are you okay?" Louis's voice whispered to me, waving his hand in front of my face getting my attention. I had completely zoned out as usual, like I always did. "Answer the question the lady asked." I automatically looked at the women that was interviewing us.

"Sorry, could you maybe repeat the question, I apologize but my thoughts got the best of me." I say, putitng all my attention on the blonde haired beauty that was sitting across from me in her chair.

She smiles, nodding. "I asked how are you and Kendall's relationship going? How are you able to deal with all the drama with Taylor being her jealous self, how do you do it?" She asks, my face automatically drops. You see everyone always asks me the same question over and over again, "Did I say something wrong?" She asks, looking down at her black high heels she had on.

I shake my head. "No." I say simply, smiling. "Kendall and I are doing amazing, thank you for asking. And, I can deal with Taylor and her drama because I really don't listen to her." I run a hand through my curls. "The only thing that I need to focus on is my bandmates and my fans."

She smiles at my answer and soonly stands up. "I apperciate you guys coming down today to answer some questions. It means the world being able to interview you." Before anyone could say anything Paul had came into the room telling us we had to hurry up and get to the van so we could get to our tour bus. Paul quickly lead us to our black van that was parked in front of the radio station. Paul opens the sliding door for us. Zayn was the first one that went in. Niall and Liam went in sitting beside Zayn. I climbed into the row of seats behind them with Louis beside me. The van started to move once we all got situated. I looked out the window looking at random objects outside my window, and a couple fans running after the van. I laugh to myself, but I soonly wave to them being friendly, until I felt Louis scoot closer to me. I lean my head on Lou's chest.

"I hate the fact that management is making me pretend I'm dating Kendall." I say, looking up at him. "I just want everyone to know that I'm with you and that I love you."

He smiles leaning down and kissing my forehead. "I love you too, Haz." He moves his hand, and grabs mine. I automatically intertwine our fingers.

That was the last special moment that I had with my boyfriend Louis, because the next day I found out news I never wanted to hear... Louis was dead.

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