What's your story?

~Olivia was happy in Australia but her Dad's job means she has to be torn away from her last year of school and thrown into the different world. Will she make friends? What about the boy with blue eyes? Find out in 'What's your story?' Short story, to be written in 8 parts~


2. Chapter Two-Home?

>>>Olivia's POV<<<

Instead of waking up to sun streaming through my window the room is dark and I hear the patter of rain on the roof. I've pretty much gotten over my jet lag now, I don't have an excuse to lay in bed for a few hours texting. I sat up and stare. This room isn't too bad. Bigger than my old room, but it doesn't have a balcony. Sighing I clamber out of bed and go to take a shower. When I'm done I pull on some jeans and a hoodie. I grab my purse and phone before walking downstairs. The rain persists it's gentle drizzle and I decide to brave it. Better than staying indoors all day, I guess I'll have to get used to it. I gulp down a cookie and some milk before kissing Dads cheek and heading out the door. The rain has cleared and the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds so I dare to leave my coat behind. I don't know where I'm going so just take a left and decide to wander. I'm getting further away from the houses and starting to see some little shops when I feel my stomach rumble. Guess a cookie isn't filling enough. Pulling out my purse I walk into the next shop I see "Tesco Express" it's called. I walk around until I find a isle with candy and pick out a double decker and a Dr Pepper then I turn and knock a magazine rack flying. "Shit" I curse before leaning down to collect to plastic wrapped books. I'm about halfway through when someone else's hands are suddenly helping. The hands are smooth, pale, long and thin. The arms attached to these hands are lean but muscular with pale blond hair. My eyes travel upwards to a torso wearing a white t-shirt and red hoodie. I look into the face of this helper and feel my heart stutter. He is beautiful. Strong jawbone, sharp nose, blonde hair styled into a perfect quiff and bright blue eyes. His cheeks stretch upwards into a smile and perfect dimples appear. His eyes meet mine for a second before quickly darting away. I swear I saw him blush but turned my attention back to the magazines. When I have a pile I shove them back into the rack and the boy does the same.

I know I should say thanks now but my mouth doesn't seem to work anymore. Gulping I manage to get out "sorry" he smiles and turns away. My cheeks roast as I walk away and pay for my items. Too late I realise I meant to get a magazine but don't bother to turn back. As I reach the porch I smile to myself. Well that was something. Pushing open the door I'm greeted by Dad giving me a quick hug and heading out the door. "I'm sorry sweetie, I reallyy have to go. It's a work thing, I'll be back late tonight." He points the keys at his car and climbs in. Rolling down the window he shouts "order pizza" as an after thought and drives away. 


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