What's your story?

~Olivia was happy in Australia but her Dad's job means she has to be torn away from her last year of school and thrown into the different world. Will she make friends? What about the boy with blue eyes? Find out in 'What's your story?' Short story, to be written in 8 parts~


3. Chapter Three-Meetings

>>>>> five days later <<<<<

>>>Olivia's POV<<<

Since my meeting with the boy I haven't taken a left but I have however gone right. I found a beautiful park with a little river. A short walk down the bank is a willow tree with long comforting branches. I've been there a few times to sit and read, text and once even paint. I feel as if I'm in my own little world. There's something different though, I can't get that boy out of my head. His helping hands and his cute smile. I shake my head and shoving a book into my bag once again walk towards the park. When I arrive there's ducks in the river quacking about something but they've done this many times before. I'm ducking under the branches before I realise there's someone crouched near the edge of the river. Someone with blonde hair and long thin fingers, he turns as he hears my entrance and steps back in surprise. I feel my cheeks heat a little and curse my easily activated blush nerves. I mumble "sorry" before quickly ducking out and walking away. I'm only a few steps away when his sweet voice calls out "wait" I turn to look and he simply says "I'm leaving anyway" before smiling and walking away. Blushing once again I duck under the wisps of leaves and lean against the trunk. My mind is whirring uncontrollably. I don't understand but I do know that I like this boy. 

           >>>>> 4 weeks later <<<<<

Riiiiiing, riiiiiing my new alarm clock screeches at me. Today's the day. The first day of school. I slip into the bathroom and turn on the water. Quickly showering I step out and dry my hair. Walking back into my room I push my hair off my face and into a half up half down do and plait a few strands. Smiling I apply simple makeup and reach for my new uniform. Black tapered trousers, a white shirt, blue and yellow tie and black blazer. Slipping on my shoes I grab my black and red backpack and check I have everything. Crunching my last mouthful of lucky charms I kiss Dad before leaving the house. I know exactly where I need to go for the bus, I've checked a map and even taken a stroll down to the bus stop to be sure. Taking a left I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. Spencer: good luck Liv, Becky: Chin up chickie, Luci: Kick some ass, Jack: don't worry, you'll be fine. Have fun! Giggling I realise it's about 2am back home and they have another day before school starts up again. Smiling I quickly text them back and then I'm standing there. On the bus stop. I sit on the bench and glance at the people huddled together at the other end. 4 boys, they look about 14. 2 girls gossiping, I would say they're 15. Then I see him. The boy, standing in the corner with another boy. This ones shorter, with brown hair and a cheeky smile. I shove my phone back into my pocket and stare at the houses across the road. After about 10 minutes the bus turns up and I greatfully take a seat.

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