What's your story?

~Olivia was happy in Australia but her Dad's job means she has to be torn away from her last year of school and thrown into the different world. Will she make friends? What about the boy with blue eyes? Find out in 'What's your story?' Short story, to be written in 8 parts~


7. Chapter Seven-Texts

>>>Olivia's POV<<<

I'm just stirring the bubbling sauce over the stove when I hear my phone ding in my bag. Placing the spoon on the counter I walk over and pull it out. My heart gallops away what it says; 'Unknow Number: Hey Olivia, you okay? It's Charlie by the way, not a stalker ;) xx'  I smile and quickly send a reply. I'm just aadding spaghetti to the boiling pot when it lights up again. 'Charlie=): Great thanks, what you making for dinner then?xx' My heart flutters, he's sending me kisses. Replying I hear Dad's car pull onto the drive. Pouring the pasta into a colander I pull out the grated cheese and plate up. "Hey Dad! Dinner's on the table!" I shout sitting down. He appears after a minute and sits down to eat. His mouth stretches into a smile as he sniffs the air appreciatively. "Smells delicious" he announces before tucking in enthusiastically. 

When we've finished eating and me and Dad washed the dishes I kiss him lightly on the cheek and walk up stairs and into my room. I pull off my clothes and clean my face before pulling on some pyjamas and hopping into bed. Pulling out my phone I see another text from Charlie. 'How was dinner?xx' giggling I reply and we text until it hits about 11pm. I say goodnight and his reply makes my stomach warm and wiggle around. 'Goodnight beautiful xx' he said. I lock my phone and push the charger into the bottom and lie down. The curtains are slightly apart and a gentle moon beam falls across my bed. This is the first night I dream of Charlie Lenehan.

The long willows weeping limbs gently stroke my back as we duck under. Charlie's soft hand holds mine tenderly and he leads my towards the tree. He sits down and pulls me to sit next to him. I stare out at the lake. Beautifully calm, with a mother duck leading her ducklings upstream. I turn my head and see Charlie's beautiful eyes staring hard into mine. Mine stomach clenches and my heart races. His hand reaches towards me and he cradles my cheeks in his palms. I just start right at him, suddenly he leans in and I'm overwhelmed by the need for him. The need to kiss his lips, the minute our lips collide my hands reach for his neck. He kisses me in a way I've never been kissed before. Although I've only been with one boy. His hands rake my sides and mine frantically tug at his shirt. I just can't get enough of him, can't get close enough. His fingers slide under the hem of my shirt and a moan escapes my lips. Making him smirk. I pull away to stare into his eyes before quickly reaching for his lips again.

I'm pulled out of dreamland by the shrill bell of my alarm clock. My eyes shoot open and I quickly turn it off. It's only when I'm standing in the shower, the warm water flowing across my skin that I suddenly realise what I just dreamt. My heart is hamming and the burn I felt in my dream is still fired up in the pit of my stomach. I take my time, towelling off, drying my hair and applying my makeup. I'm worried, what if when I see Charlie it's awkward. What if I want to kiss him. Pull yourself together Olivia! It was a dream, just a dream. Pushing anymore thoughts to the back of my head I dress, eat a pop tart and head towards the door, "Bye Dad" I shout before opening the door. What I see next makes my gasp in surprise. Sitting on my wall holding a muffin is Charlie Lenehan. I feel my eyes well with tears and quickly blink them away. He walks towards me and puts out his arms for a hug. Smiling I wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face in his chest. It feels good to be this close to him. It's just like my dream, except what I didn't expect was the smell. His aftershave is very strong, a fresh lemony fragrance. I don't want to let go and I get the feeling that neither does he but I know it's gonna have to end. I shrug myself away and stand next to him. Blushing slightly he says "I got a muffin, it's blueberry" yet again my eyes prick as he remembers my favourite muffin. Smiling I break off a piece and pop it into my mouth. It tastes so good as the blueberry flavour settles on my tounge. Mmm. I can't help to groan of pleasure escape my lips and hear Charlie chuckle. "Here have some more" he says with a cheesy grin. Smiling I tear of another piece and eat it before pushing the rest to Charlie, "you have the rest" I say "I just had breakfast"


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