Hey, I'm --- well, you can call me Jyro. That's the name I gave myself, because I don't have a birth name, or any other name, except for insults. But those insults are my names too. And I have to deal with them. But it still would be easier with a Family, and at least one person who cares. But I have neither. It is because I, am a shadow,
I, am Broken.



1. Home


  I'm home, I thought.

  I looked around.

   It was a beautiful old house, now its old and abandoned, but.. it is free of... people, I told myself, reminding me of the torture I went through in my school today.

  "BARKERS!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YA, YOU SILLY DOG!!!!!" I yelled to my dog that I've had for years, I think I've had Barkers since 4th grade (and I'm in 10th grade now), but I don't know, I can't keep count anymore. But it doesn't matter, Barkers is my dog, and Barkers is here now, and that's all that matters.

  Barkers pounded his feet on the ground to catch my attention. He awaited for his tummy rub.

  "O.k., Barkers, o.k., I got it." I crouched down so I could pet my doggies belly, just like it wanted. "Yeah... whose a good... ummmm... Barkers. Yes you are, yes you are!"


  Barkers growled at the sound. "Shh Barkers!" I whispered to Barkers. I slowly stood up and started walking to my kitchen for my knife, Indie.

  "WHOSE THERE!?!?!" I shouted, then my front door slammed. I cursed under my breath. I ran to the door to see if I could catch a glimpse of who broke in. I saw that it was a man, but nothing else about the guy, except that he was poor, like me.

  Was he looking for a home, I paused. Just like I was...


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