I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


21. Twenty-One



Chapter Twenty


Slate Hunter


I took in a deep breath and turned to see the person sleeping next to me. Her hair covered her gorgeous face, and she was hugging tightly the teddy she had since she was a baby, her chest rising slowly, so many simple things that have made me fall more and more in love with her since I met her. If you told me that apart from becoming a famous country star, I would end up with the girl of my dreams, I would have laughed at your face, I wouldn't believe you that someone so beautiful as Scotty would settle down for someone like me.


I grabbed the paper on the bed-table and stared at it. I had made many promises to Scotland, and I was going to make sure every single one of them is completed before I can ask her to promise me something. I know that everyone thinks that making promises is stupid as you are never successful at fulfilling them, but I want to differ, and I want to prove the world that you can really fulfil all those you made if you really love the person you promised. 


1. Protect Scotland

2. Make the perfect breakfast.

3. Never ever leave her.

4. Fix the hate


I grabbed my pen and scratched Make the perfect breakfast off the list, today I'm taking her on the perfect breakfast. I got out of bed carefully not to wake Scotty up, and made my way towards the living room from the hotel room we were currently staying at. I started making phone calls so that I could get the food and the place set up for our date. 


I stared at the clock on the wall, 8:30am, I still had thirty minutes before I had to wake up Scotty and tell her to get ready for our surprise date. I set my phone down and opened up Scotty's laptop, not because I wanted to spy on her, but because it was the only laptop I could find. I know that the hate isn't completely over, but I know that it isn't as strong as it once was. I've been trying my best to make sure that Scotland was always protected, but I sometimes fear, that I am not doing the perfect job. 


I can't still understand how even after what Ronald did to her, how she forgave him. It took a lot of persuasion from her for me to do so, she claims that I forgive and forget, but I had to learn how to do so in order to make her happy. It's not like she hurt me, but rather she proved to me that she would keep the darkest secrets in order to make me happy. 


"Slate?" I heard Scotland question. "Slate where are you?" 

"Over here Princess." I replied with a smile. "How are you feeling?" 

"I slept like a baby." Scotty smiled. "I want bacon." She smirked as she sat on the coffee table. "Let's go out for breakfast and eat bacon until we pass out." 

I rolled my eyes with a chuckle. "Go get dressed then." I smiled grabbing her hands. "We are going out for breakfast." 

Scotty bit her lip. "Are you hiding something from me Slate Hunter?" She giggled. "You do know that in order for you to keep a secret away from me, you can't look me in the eye." She grabbed my face. "Tell me Slate, what are we going to do on our last day before we return back home?" 

"It's- I can't-" I licked my lips. "Dammit Scotty!" I exclaimed getting away from her grasp. "Please, Princess, let me give you this surprise." 

I heard a puff of air and then I felt Scotty wrapping her arms around my torso. "Fine." She whined. "I will let you get away with this one. Though, it does mean that I will get away with something too." She slapped my butt and walked away. "I'll be getting ready!" 




Scotty laughed as she pointed the screen in front of us. I kissed her temple as she settled back and cuddle next to me. She was now discovering that I had secretly asked for my manager to have cameras that recorded our everyday interaction of the tour. We were now watching, how both Brian and Scotty managed to eat all the chocolate chip cookies (six boxes) that we had bought the same day, right after we came back from lunch. 


"In my defence, there were really great cookies." Scotty laughed. "Also the fact that Brian basically forced me to it." 

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever you say Princess." 

"You're such a party pooper." Scotty rolled her eyes as she turned to face me completely. "Thank you Slate." She whispered. "Thank you for keeping every promise you ever made to me." 

"You don't have to thank me Princess." I kissed her nose. "I am more than glad that I did keep my promises. I can't live without you. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you every single moment of my life. Before I asked you to become my girlfriend, and before we came to this tour, every morning, the first thing that came to my mind was to call you and tell you what my dreams were about, and at night, right before bed I wanted to call you only so that you could be the last person I spoke, so that you could be the only person on my dreams." I cleaned her tears. "The day right after I met you, my God, waiting to see you again was the worst, because since that moment I knew that I loved you, and that you had to stay in my life forever." I bit my lip. "Scotland Inn, I am here pouring my heart out, and I have to make sure that I keep my last promise, one that I didn't tell you, but I need to." I kneed on the floor, grabbing both of her hands. "Scotland Inn," I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. "Would you do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife?"

I took out the ring and placed it on her finger. "Yes." Scotty whispered. "Yes yesterday, yes now, and yes forever." She added before pulling me into a kiss. 

"I love you so much Scotty." I mumbled. "I will never leave you." 

"I love you Slate, and I promise to never ever let you go." Scotty smiled. 

"Promise?" I questioned.

"Promise." She replied. 

**************** THE END *****************







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