I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


20. Twenty


Chapter Nineteen

Say Goodbye 



I was feeling a tad bit sad as this was the last show on the tour. The good thing is that we weren't back home, Slate is finishing his tour on New York and in like two days we are travelling back home, aka Houston. We were at the private rehearsal and once this one was done, Slate would get ten minutes break before he had a meet and greet and another rehearsal with the people of the meet and greet. 


I can't be happier to see how far Slate has come, and at some point how far I've come also. His fan-base has grown so much from when he started, that when we were going through his mail, we found people requesting for him from China, and Europe. I just hope that even when the fame grows, Slate decides to stay the same way he is, just a simple and normal teenager. 


"Scotland?" Ronald spoke from the stage. "Do you think that you could stop typing for three seconds and come up here?" 

"What's up?" I questioned placing my laptop on the next seat. "Where did Bryan and Slate go?" I swear that they were there just a few seconds ago. 

"Bathroom." Ronald replied. "We are on our ten minute break before the meet and greet. Are you going to be there?" I shook my head. "What will you be doing?"

"I need to finish an entry for the Slate Hunter Pre-Diary Blog." I chuckled. "Slate chose the name, I simply chose the words to write." 

"Oh." Ronald nodded. "Could I ask for a favour?" I nodded. "You see, I want to thank Slate for letting me stay and live my dream. I don't think that I actually appreciated the fact that he chose me to be part of his group, and I almost blew up my chance with you. So I want to thank him." 

"Why don't you simply tell him that you are sorry?" I questioned. "With what you have told me, I'm more than sure that Slate will appreciate it. Just tell him what you said to me. Slate is not a complicated person, and he doesn't hold grudges." I explained. "I know that it was hard for him to forgive you, but that wasn't because he wanted, that happened because what you did affected me, and we both know that Slate gets a bit overprotective when it comes to me. Don't worry about it know though." I gave him a small smile. "Slate forgives and forgets."  

"Are you sure?" Ronald questioned worried. 

"Promise." I replied. "Now, I will go back to the bunker bunk before people come here, even though I like them I don't want to be stuck with fangirls." 


Ronald chuckled and waved as I walked back to the bunker bus. I am being serious about the fangirls, now that I am the blogger they want to be with me more so that I speak about them on the blog, like I've done a couple of times. I wanted to see Slate too, but I knew that if I stayed until he appears he will ask me to stay with him for the meet and greet and I really have to finish writing the entry. 

As I entered the bunker bus, I could hear people screaming out my name. I rolled my eyes with a smile to that, I mean, months ago people hated me, but since the blog and the fact that Slate said that anyone who sent me hate wasn't worth it, everything changed. I've been getting a lot of feedback with the blog because I usually always write a small embarrassing story about Slate and then proceed with the actual theme I had planned, but the fans love it because they feel closer to him than before. 


"Princess?" Slate questions as he entered the bus. "Are you here babe?" 

"Yep." I replied typing away. "I'm finishing the entry." I added. "Aren't you supposed to be at the meet and greet?" "Yes I should be." Slate replied slumping down next to me. "But, I came to fetch the most beautiful girl in the entire world." I rolled my eyes. "How much longer so that you can publish that?" 

"Around twenty five seconds." I replied with a wink. "Why do I need to be there?" I questioned as I closed the laptop. 

"Cause I need your moral support." Slate kissed my temple. "This is the last show, and I want you to be with me through the whole process just like the very first concert ever." 

"You are so weird." I laughed. "But sure Slate. Whatever socks combine." I winked and Slate laughed. 

"I love you so much." Slate pecked my lips. "I would love to make out with you, but I have a feeling that Bryan will burst here any minute now." 

"Me what?" I heard Bryan call. "I heard my name." 


I stared at Slate and began laughing. I was so going to miss the lads. 







Slate and Scotty:




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