I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


12. Twelve


Chapter Eleven:

You Can't.


I grunted as I opened my eyes. What the hell had happened? Wasn't I having a word with Slate about the #S2? Was it all a dream? I slowly started to sat up rubbing my eyes, I think that I took my nap, and hell I had the most weird dream ever. Once I was fully awake, I took in my surroundings, realising that I was in Slate's dressing room and there was a bottle of water and some crackers next to them. I frowned confused but grabbed them.

"Are you okay?" Slate's voice questioned and I snapped my head towards its sound. Slate was sitting on the corner of the room. "How are you feeling Scotty?" He asked standing up.

"I'm good." I whispered. "What happened? Did I take my nap here?"

"Don't you remember?" He questioned running his hand through his hair. "Don't you remember that you figured out why #S2 existed?" 

My eyes grew in shock. It hadn't been a dream. "Shit." I cursed and stared at Slate. 

"Yeah, shit sums it up." Slate sighed and he plopped down next to me. "I want you to listen to the new song I have written. It's not done yet, and it's just like a verse, but I want you to hear it." I nodded and Slate stood up to grab his guitar. 


"He wants to say I Love You
But keeps it ti Goodnight
​Because love will mean some falling
And she's afraid of doing so..."


I was in shock. There was no way that Slate had just- no, I can't- my God I don't even make sense! My life doesn't make sense anymore! SLATE CANNOT LIKE ME!


"Please say something Princess." Slate whispered. 

I looked up at him with teary eyes. "You can't." I replied. "You can't like me Slate." Tears were now streaming down my face. I shook my head and stood up. There was no way.

"But I do Scotland!" Slate exclaimed standing up and grabbing my hands. "I not only like you." He stared at my eyes. "I am absolutely crazy for you." 
"No." I repeated and moved away from him. "You can't like me Slate. Period." I gulped and ran out of the dressing room.




I was hiding away on my bunk, when I heard Brian and Slate come back inside from their concert. They were talking about how amazing the concert had been, and how fun it had been to have fans after. I sensed them coming closer and so I pretended to be asleep. I didn't want to deal with Slate right now, not after his confession. I knew that he always flirted with me, but never in my life I thought that he was going to be having feelings for me. He was a super amazing lad, and he could get any girl he wanted he was choosing me? Does he needs glasses?


"Keep it quiet Slate." Brian whispered as he pulled the curtain of my bunk. "Scot is on the dream land." He chuckled. 
"Sure." Slate replied and slumped on the couch. There was an awkward silence, man this was so weird. "Brian, could I tell you something without anyone else knowing?"

"By all means." Brian replied, most likely a smile on his face. I just love him, he's just the sweetest lad ever.
"I'm going to tell a case." Slate spoke. "If you like a girl, and you tell her, but she claims that you can't like her that way, what should you do?"

"You told Scot?" I heard Brian chuckle. "Mate, she obviously has feelings for you, she simply doesn't want to accept them. You make her so happy, and she knows that, just the thought of you makes her smile, that has to mean something. Whatever she told you, is because she is afraid, I don't know her past, but you do, so there must be something that she is scared of."


Oh my God! No right? Could you please tell me that it is false. Best friends smiles at the thought of their best friend right? No? Shit... How am I even supposed to tell him that I have feelings for him? Who will assure me that he won't leave me? I know that he is Slate and that he is the sweetest human being on earth, but so I thought about my father and he left my mother and I. I can't be having another man bail out of my life when things get complicated. I'm not an easy person.

I sensed someone near my bunk and I closed my eyes shut even when my back was given. The curtain was moved and someone placed my blanket the way I like it, and the only person who knew that was Slate. "I promise you Scotty, I'm not going to leave you. I will be there for you always." He kissed my temple.

"I know, but I'm still scared." I whispered so softly that he couldn't have listened to me.











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