I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


3. Three


Chapter Two: 

Bunker Bus


I jumped up and down around my house as I waited for Slate to call me and tell me that he was on his way. My mom was making sure that her cookies were not burnt, so that she could give them to Slate as a gift for taking me away... 


"Scotland." My mother warned as I climbed on the counter of the kitchen. "You need to calm down." 

"I am trying mother." I whined. "It's just too much!" I jumped off the counter. "I'm going to be visiting all the places I wanted to!" 

"Honey." My mother placed a hand on my arm. "I know that you wanted to travel the world, and I am truly sorry that I wasn't able to give that as a gift-"

"Mother!" I hugged her. "You gave me the best gift a mother could have ever given! You gave me life! You gave me a home, love and education, I can't ask for more." 

My mother's eyes got teary as she hugged me tighter. "I love you Scotland Inn." My mother whispered. "I will miss you so much!" 

"Me too!" I kissed her head. "You have no idea how I will miss to annoy you!" I laughed, making her laugh as well. "Don't cry mother, I hate it. I like it when you smile and laugh." 

"It's hard when your daughter is leaving with her boyfriend." My mother smiled. 

"Mooom!" I whined. "Slate and I are just friends! How many times do I have to tell you that?" 

"Honey." My mother smiled sweetly. "Friends don't do what Slate do for you, the way he looks at you, that kid is in love." I rolled my eyes. "A shopping trip that when you come back from the tour, both of you will be dating." 

I opened my mouth in shock, my mother was betting on my love life with me,​ what the hell? "Fine." I extended my arm. "Laundry for a month that I won't be." 

"Deal." My mother shook my hand. "I'm going to be so happy for a month." I shook my head and walked out of the kitchen. How dare she? 


I made my way towards the living room when the doorbell rang. I stopped and turned towards the door. I looked through the peephole and Slate was standing on the porch. I smiled as I opened the door.


"Scotty!" Slate smiled and hugged me picking me up. "How are you princess?"

​"I'm solo excited!" I exclaimed giggling. "Please tell me that we are leaving!" 

"Yes." Slate chuckled as he placed me on the ground. "Where are your bags?"

"My room." I replied and he turned to two huge guys and they went inside my house. "My mom is on the kitchen."

"Thanks babe." He smiled and walked over to the kitchen. 


I decided not to follow because I knew that he was going to speak to her about me, and I rather not be there. I climbed up the stairs and ran towards my room to pick my book bag, the huge guys were already taking my luggage down the stairs. I grabbed it and ran back down where Slate and my mother awaited for me. 


"Ready Scotty?" Slate questioned and I nodded. "We are heading over to the recording building, the bus is there, I didn't want the paps to find out where you live and anything." 

"They still don't know who I am right?" I questioned and Slate nodded with a smile. "They still don't know that your biggest fan is your best friend?"

"No, but they will soon." Slate smiled. "I have to do a video from the bus, so I will say that my biggest fan is with me, and the my biggest fan is my best friend." 

"Sounds fair enough." I winked. "You can say that I am a girl." I shrugged. "Let's gooo!" I whined. "I want to see this bus!" My mother and Slate laughed before they crushed me into a group hug. "I love you guys too, but I want to live." I pretended to die. 

"No please no!" Slate shouted as he held me. "Don't kill the only beauty in my life."

I laughed and kissed his cheek. I felt a flash go off. "Mother!" I whined and she laughed. "I will call you every day." I said and hugged her. "I love you." 

"I love you too." My mother cried. "You better call me. I want to see the selfies as well." 

Slate and I nodded. "Bye!" We shouted and walked towards the car waiting for us. 




We arrived to the building and as soon as the car parked, I ran out of the car towards the huge bus that was parked on the parking lot. I heard Slate running behind me, but I didn't care if paps caught me at that moment, I wanted to check out the bus, aka my new home. 


"Calm down Scotty." Slate laughed as he caught up with me. "You are really excited aren't you?"

"Yes!" I clapped my hands jumping up and down. "Please show me inside! I want to pick out my bunk bed at the bunker bus!" 

"Follow me then." Slate grabbed my hand and he opened the small door. 


Just like the gentlemen on movies, he let me inside first and closed the door behind him. I was in awe with the place. I had seen on the television that tour buses were all luxurious and stuff, but this was beyond gorgeous. It didn't look all expensive, it gave you the warmth of a house, it seemed so peaceful. 


"Are you back Slate?!" A voice shouted from the hall. I frowned and waited for the owner to come out. "Slate- You're not Slate." A guy said. "You're a girl."

"The earth is round." I crossed my arms. "Who are you?" 

"I'm Ronald." The guy smirked. "You are?"

"Scotland." Slate replied grabbing my waist. "She's Scotty." 

"Oh." Ronald's voice dropped. "Brian! Slate is back!" 

"Who exactly are you?" I questioned again. 

"I'm the back up guitarist." Ronald replied and I nodded. "Brian plays the banjo." 

"Hello Slate." Brian said. "Lady." He nodded. "Scotland?"

"Yeah." I replied. "Pleasure."

"Same." Brian smiled and I felt that Slate held me tighter. Was he jealous?

"Do you have an X-box?" I questioned and they nodded. "Who's ass am I going to beat?"


The guys smirked and Slate picked me up carrying me towards the so called living room. I smiled as Slate sat down with me on his lap. This was going to be an epic tour. 

















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