I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


16. Sixteen


Chapter Fifteen



I clicked the send button and the picture was already traveling so that my mother could get it anytime soon. I smiled at the phone and then turned around only to see Ronald, Brian, and Slate having a good laugh. I was happy that they (Slate and Brian) had decided to let Ronald stay for the rest of the tour. I mean, are you going to find another guitarist ready for tour in the middle of your tour? Most likely improbable... Plus yeah, he made a mistake, but let's face it, everyone makes a mistake and no matter what you always end up forgiving the person, or well, that's what I do.


"Oi Scotty!" Slate shouted as he motioned me to join them. "We have to talk." I frowned confused. What the hell did we have to talk about? "Nothing serious I promise." Slate chuckled. "Don't look so terrified."

"What are we going to talk about then?" I questioned as he grabbed my hand and we walked away from the rest of the band.  

"Calm down young lady." Slate chuckled. "We have an award event, and you are going to be my date, so we have to go shopping for the perfect dress."

"Sorry what?" I questioned confused. "I what? I am going to be your date?" I asked once again and then I laughed. I don't really know why I laughed, but I did. I guess I'm just nervous.


With a chuckle Slate grabbed my hand and guided me towards his dressing room. I knew that he was bound to have events were it was required for him to dress formal, but never in my sweet life I thought that I had to go with him and dress up. Like, why the hell should I go? But then again, I thought that I was not going to be known by the public eye and look where I am now...


"Do I really have to go?" I whined as I sat on his couch. "Cause, I don't think that I can pull off a serious event. I mean, Slate, we are talking about me. Do you remember the last time that I was on a formal event?

"I know Princess." Slate chuckled. "But this time I really need you to come with me. If it weren't necessary you know that I wouldn't have asked."

"Slate." I whined. "I know that you wouldn't ask, but do I really need to go out and search for an outfit?"

"Please Scotty." Slate made me puppy eyes.

I grunted and rolled my eyes. "Fine, but you owe me big time."

"I love you babe." Slate kissed my nose and ran out of the bus.


With a sigh I grabbed my phone and a sweater and ran following Slate. I knew that I could have told him that I didn't want to be part of it, but how could I break his heart like that? I'm not that evil. Brian entered the bus the minute I jumped out of it and I sent him a wink. The relationship I had with him was growing and I don't think that I could ever live without him. He's the big brother that I never had, and this time, the big brother is only staying as a big brother...


I followed Slate to the car that was going to take us to the shopping trip. I knew that Slate had already told my mother, thanks to the text that I received from her: I'm glad that you said yes to Slate, if not I was going to make you go and ground you for the rest of you life. Aren't mothers sweet? Slate laughed when I showed him the text message and then kissed my temple.

Have you ever felt when you are not sure what you are? I mean, I'm not entirely sure what Slate and I are, like, I know that we are best friends, and it seems to be more, but he hasn't really asked me out, so I don't know what that makes us...


"Something wrong Princess?" Slate questioned me as he approached me as we walked around the mall.

"Nope." I replied with a smile. "Do we have to match?"

"Yes." Slate chuckled. "I need to buy my tie. So let's get your dress first."

I nodded. "Let's go then Slate." I poked him and ran towards a store.


It took us three hours, THREE HOURS, to find the perfect dress. And you know what sucks more? The fact that Slate decided that we were going to take the very first dress I had chosen. Yes, I wanted to kill him. Wanna know another factor that sucked? I had to get pampered up for another hour and a half, before we returned to the bunker bus. Slate had claimed that I had to look more perfect than usual, though he claimed that it was impossible and starting to have a debate with himself. I really don't understand why he is babbling so much today...


"Slate." I sighed once we were back on the bunker bus. "Why did we do all of this? How important is this event?"

"I couldn't care less about the even being important or not." Slate replied.

"Then why?" I questioned.

"I want for the people to meet my beautiful girlfriend, and for every girl to be jealous at how pretty she is." Slate grabbed my hips.

I stared at him in shock. Did he just say that I am his girlfriend? "Your what?" I whispered.

"My girlfriend." Slate smiled. "Will you be my girlfriend Scotland Inn?"

"Yes." I smiled and pressed my lips to him.













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