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So this is basically where demigods are on Facebook!!!!!!!!!! Originally,on Wattpad(another reading and writing site), an author, MidnightDawn_, now known as neige- created Percy Jackson Discovers Facebook and there wasn't one of those on Movellas, so I created one! The characters from HoO are in this too so yeah. Please read it!


1. why are we not being attacked? And the Stolls hacking!

Welcome to my new movella! Special note in the blurb. I do not own Percy Jackson. So let it begin!


~Percy Jackson has updated his status~



Annabeth Chase:Percy, it's been 3 months! We all know you're on Facebook!

Percy Jackson:Way Ta rooin da FuN AnNiE>_<

Annabeth Chase: to* ruin* the* fun* Annabeth*

Percy Jackson: :/

Percy Jackson: Prcy si not kewl

Frank Zhang: did he just insult himself?

Annabeth Chase: Percy* is* cool*

Frank Zhang: I get it now…

Percy Jackson: why thank you Annie!

Annabeth Chase: I hate you.

~Athena,Zeus and 10,472 others liked this comment.~

Percy Jackson: love you too;)

~Athena disliked this~


~Chiron has updated his status~

Everyone off of Facebook! Monsters will find you and you might expose us to mortals!


Leo Valdez: chillax bro! I rigged a system that not only can monsters not sense us, but mortals can't join our convos and talk to us on Facebook at all!

Tiffany Tomlinson: monsters?

Leo Valdez: aww damn it!

~Leo Valdez has logged off~

Travis Stoll: We

Conner Stoll: rigged

Travis Stoll: it!

Percy Jackson: hehe he said dam!

Grover Underwood: I want my dam enchiladas!

Thalia Grace: Wheres the dam washroom!

Jason Grace: ?

~Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque and 9103727571 other liked this comment~

Percy Jackson: inside joke;)

~Nico Di Angelo has changed her name to Nico Dumb Angelo~


~Travis Stoll, Conner Stoll and 10 others liked this~

Percy Jackson: Nico are you okay?

~Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque and 910397465672818 others liked this comment~

Nico Dumb Angelo:Stolls!>:( not only do you change my gender to a girl, you also change my name? All in front of practically HALF THE WORLD?!??!??!!!??!?!!!?!!?!?!!??!!?!!?!!

Annabeth Chase: Well technically only the demigod world.

Nico Dumb Angelo:SHUT IT CHASE

Percy Jackson: Nico>:(

Nico Dumb Angelo: Stolls you better run>:)

~Travis Stoll, Conner Stoll,Nico Dumb Angelo and Percy Jackson have logged off~

Annabeth Chase: wow Percy is really sucking up to me.

Piper McLean: what did he do this time?

Annabeth Chase: Walk in on me in the Athena cabin while I was changing.

Athena hates Sea barnacle children: HE DID WHAT?!?!?!??!??!!?!!!!!!???????!!!!!!

~Chiron has updated his status~

Why is Nico chasing the Stolls, who's being chased by Percy, who's being chased by owls?


Annabeth Chase:Big argument starting with the Stolls hacking.

Chiron: you know what? I don't want to know.

~Thalia Grace has updated her status~

Hunters are visiting! Is Nico at Camp Jupiter?


Hazel Levesque: yup. All set.

Annabeth Chase: Great! We can go on a girls night! How's Tuesday sound? I'll post who coming on monday!

Thalia Grace:alright!

Annabeth Chase: wanna help plan?

Thalia Grace:of course! We're listening to Green Day!

Annabeth Chase: yay*manages weak smile*

Percy Jackson: I had a feeling Thalia's goth side would kick in

Thalia Grace: I'm right here ya know Kelp Head!

Percy Jackson: Pine Face!

Jason Grace: sea breath!

Nico Di Angelo: Sparky

Percy Jackson: DEATH BREATH

~Zoë Shadownight has updated her status~

Hello Father! I'm back!>:) to haunt thy soul!


Atlas: sweetheart! I thought you were dead!:(

Zoë Shadownight: Hades let thou dead use Facebook!

~Atlas has logged off~

~Bianca Di Angelo has updated her status

hi guys! Is Nico up yet?


Annabeth Chase: nope. Walked past his cabin. Sleeping like a rock, yet sounds like a panther is sleeping!

Dionysus: Did somebody say panther🐯?

Annabeth Chase:1. No. 2. That's a tiger. 3. Go away!


~Dionysus has logged off~

~Nico Di Angelo has logged on~


Bianca Di Angelo: hi Nico!

Nico Di Angelo: are you the Stolls?

Bianca Di Angelo: Who?😶

Nico Di Angelo: YAY!!!!!!!!!

Bianca Di Angelo: do you still play Mythomagic?

~Nico Di Angelo has logged off~

Bianca Di Angelo:is that a no?

~Percypotterluver3000 has updated her status~


Like the first chapter? I'm in the mood for Percabeth… next chapter! I'll do shout outs to some people. No asking for a shout out!

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