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So this is basically where demigods are on Facebook!!!!!!!!!! Originally,on Wattpad(another reading and writing site), an author, MidnightDawn_, now known as neige- created Percy Jackson Discovers Facebook and there wasn't one of those on Movellas, so I created one! The characters from HoO are in this too so yeah. Please read it!


2. Leo has a date ?_?

~Leo Valdez has updated his status~





Annabeth Chase: Should I be worried about the fact that Leo is happy?

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Piper McLean: yes you should.

Jason Grace:Leo why are you so happy?

Leo Valdez: Guess

Jason Grace: you got an A in something?

Leo Valdez: No

Annabeth Chase: you helped save endangered animals?

Percypotterluver3000: you're happy that I even considered getting you a date?

Leo Valdez: Annabeth-No. ransom person who apparently likes Percy-yes and who are you?

Percypotterluver3000: I'm sorry I am not available at this particular moment. Please leave a  message after the beep.

Leo Valdez: but you didn't beep!

Percypotterluver3000: that's the whole point!

~Percypotterluver3000 has logged off~

Leo Valdez: ok… but yeah I have a date with the new girl Jennifer!

Camp Half Blood: WHAT?!?!?!??!?!??!

Jennifer Potter: how ya doin'?

Leo Valdez: she's still undetermined. And even though her name says it all,but she's obsessed with Harry Potter.

Annabeth Chase: Wow! We should watch the movies together!

Jennifer Potter: :D YAY!XD

Octavian: ooh! Can I prophecy her?

Jennifer Potter: No and what kind of name is Octavian? Are you a retarded octopus?!

Octavian: how dare you make fun of me! We shall have a battle!

~5 minutes later~

~Octavian has updated his status~

 HELP ME!!!!!💥💢💦💧😿😭


Jennifer Potter: WIMP! Are you going to go to your little octopus mommy?👊

Percy Jackson: By any chance is she from the Ares cabin?

Ares: No

Percy Jackson: ok…

Clarisse La Rue: high five! *high fives Jennifer*

Jennifer Potter:* high fives Clarisse*

Leo Valdez: ok now Jenn and I have a date to get to so let's go.

Jennifer Potter: uh Leo… why is there a lit up owl above my head…

Annabeth Chase: that owl means that your parent is Athena.We're half sisters!

Jennifer Potter: YAY! I love owls!

Athena: Hello child

Octavian: No wonder she's so aggressive…* rubs bleeding head*

Athena: are you saying I'm aggressive?!

Octavian: Why are there owls flying at me…

Octavian: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱

~Octavian has logged off~

Leo Valdez: let's go on our date now;)

~Leo Valdez and Jennifer Potter has logged off~

Leo's pov

I took Jennifer to a movie called If I Stay. It's about a girl that has a choice between going to Juilliard, or be with her love, Adam. Jennifer had always wanted to see it. The movie reminded me of us. (Only the romance part. Not Juilliard)Afterward, we had Chinese food.I took her to a ice cream place after and we ate outside. We got to know each other better and then we went to the mall( the movie was early) and I bought her a necklace. We went all over the mall but didn't buy much. Then we headed back to camp. I dropped her off at the Athena cabin and she kissed me on the cheek. I thought about the day and daydreamed right into a tree. And a angry nymph.


Leo Valdez has changed his relationship status from "Single" to "in Relationship"

Jennifer Potter has changed her relationship status from "Single" to "in Relationship"


Hephaestus: Finally! My son has a girlfriend! I'm able to be a proud father!!!!!!!!

Leo Valdez: um…thanks?

Athena: Congratulations. Although don't let his brains rub off on you. You're an Athena child for a reason.

Jennifer Potter: yea. Thanks mom.

Annabeth Chase: WAIT!! Hold on! How come she's allowed to date LEO and IM NOT ALLOWED TO DATE PERCY?!

~Athena has logged off~

~Percypotterluver3000 has updated her status~

Is this short? I can't tell. If it is I'm sorry! Anyway, Jennifer is a character I made up and will be in the rest of the story. Bye!

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