Son of Poseidon on Facebook

So this is basically where demigods are on Facebook!!!!!!!!!! Originally,on Wattpad(another reading and writing site), an author, MidnightDawn_, now known as neige- created Percy Jackson Discovers Facebook and there wasn't one of those on Movellas, so I created one! The characters from HoO are in this too so yeah. Please read it!


7. Jennifer's past

Jennifer's pov

When I was 10 I hated romance. I always yelled aloud that Aphrodite was stupid. On my 11th birthday I was payed a visit.

Aphrodite had come. She cursed me for talking trash about her. I was cursed to love many men, but never be loved back. When by the time I was 15 I had gone through 5 boyfriends. All never truly loved me. I tried to commit suicide but was stopped by my best friend, who died from a car crash a week later. Devastated, I isolated myself from everyone and never opened up. My father went crazy and is now in jail for multiple reasons. I am now living by myself at home. CHB was supposed to be a new beginning. But all it was was reliving it. I started dating Leo and thought the curse was gone. But I was wrong. Leo cheats on me and I have completely lost it.

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