This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

I Hermione Granger have always wanted to be Head Girl. But when Fred died i didnt want to do anything except sit by him. i even sometimes slept next to George. But Fred came back alive. I even made them both come to Hogwarts with me. They said it was fine because they were gong to open another WWW at Zonkos. McGonagall asked if i wanted to be Head Girl. I of course got it but who is Head Boy? Harry said he didn't want it, Ron cant do it because he is stupid. I don't know any one else. Hell i don't even know whos coming for the seventh year. I did not expect this when i walked on the train


2. The Tragedy

During the war Third Person's POV

Once Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and Goyle got out of the Room of Requirements and destroyed the diadem Draco and Goyle went their separate ways while Harry, Hermione and Ron  wet outside to find Fred and Percy dueling a death eater they saw he minister and.....

"Hi Minister did i mention i was resigning"? Percy asked him while he shot a jinx at a Deatheater. Fred looked at him

"Your joking Perce" Fred said in disbelief"I don't think I've heard you joke since

"FRED" someone bellowed. But it was too late. Fred fell lifelessly to the ground. Percy looked surprised. Then he started crying. Turns out that someone that yelled Fred was Hermione. Harry grabbed her hand and together they and the other Weasleys crowded around him. Hermione suddenly ripped her hand from Harry's and ran towards Fred. His eyes that could no longer see anything looked at her a smile still etched on his face. "Fred"She whispered. when she finally believed he wasn't going to answer she started crying a river of tears. Still in disbelief Percy was shaking Fred. Ron was kneeling down looking at how Fred died. He broke the silence

"At least he died laughing at Percys joke"Then he was gone.

Harry's POV

Why isn't this war over?Hogwarts is still crumbling, Most of my loved ones were dead. I still cant wrap my head around Fred being dead. oh no!!! Its almost Midnight."Hermione its almost midnight. Wheres Ron"
Everybody looked around.

"Ron's probably going to avenge Fred"I yelled. "Come on Hermione"She looked sad. I got i she didn't want to leave Fred

Hermione's POV

I Hermione Granger felt like dieing. It wasn't right seeing Fred lying there motionless. I just stared His smile still on his face with his eyes open. with my two fingers i closed them. There now it looks like he is asleep. Why am i here? I should be with Harry and Ron. I got up and went to the Forbidden Forest.

Ron's POV

Its all Bellatrix fault! Mum was fighting her because she tried to kill Ginny and Bellatrix shot a killing curse but it hit Fred instead. Then mom stubified her. And the rest is history. She saw Fred. Wait till i get her. Where would she be? Probably with Voldemort no doubt. I headed to the Forbidden Forest.

Fred's POV

"Your joking Perce. I don't think I've heard you joke since"The everything went black. I couldn't see. Couldn't move. I don't think I'm breathing.

"Hello Mr. Weasley" a voice spoke

"DUMBLEDORE" i shouted out of joy

"Professor Dumbledore" he corrected

"What am i doing here"

"Well you died"

"Ya i got that I mean I'm talking to you"

"Or this could all be in your head"

"Is it"? I was curios

"Well its both" MY brow furrowed

"But that doesn't make sense"

"Your just like Harry you know"


"Harry is alive because of love"

"But I'm not alive"


"I gonna come back alive"?

"Yes Mr Weasley. But your not going to ask who loves you"

"No"? He chuckled at that"Well my family right "?

"Yes they love you but it is Ron and Hermione. Mr Weasley went to go find ms Lestrange I believe and Ms. Granger hasn't left your side until just now to go find Mr. Potter."

"So Hermy loves me"

"Yes but she does not realize it. Now you will come back alive right after Mr Potter defeats Lord Voldemort"

"And when will that be "?

"In about a half an hour, he is there right now. His case is the same as yours. And" he sighed. " Harry is the last Horcrux" I gasped. I heard Ron and Harry talking about horcruxes so I asked Hermione and.... ya.


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