This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

I Hermione Granger have always wanted to be Head Girl. But when Fred died i didnt want to do anything except sit by him. i even sometimes slept next to George. But Fred came back alive. I even made them both come to Hogwarts with me. They said it was fine because they were gong to open another WWW at Zonkos. McGonagall asked if i wanted to be Head Girl. I of course got it but who is Head Boy? Harry said he didn't want it, Ron cant do it because he is stupid. I don't know any one else. Hell i don't even know whos coming for the seventh year. I did not expect this when i walked on the train


3. Shocking.

Harry's POV

I hid behind a bush. "Dark Lord it's send as though he hasn't come ". Someone spoke.

"Nonsense" he shouted. "He should be here" then Voldemort's face fell. " Harry Potter" he spat. " is supposed to come. It's seems as though i was mistaken." I quickly gathered up all my courage.

"You weren't" I said as loudly as I could. I didn't want to sound afraid. I dropped the Resurrection Stone because my fingers were numb. Lupin, Sirius, Mom and Dad vanished. As soon as they left i felt Voldemort's happiness. I felt that just then that it was just him, them, and me. It sure did give off the illusion that it just me and him. But as soon as I thought that the giants roared and the Deatheaters crowded together. There were cries, gasps, and even laughter. Voldemort was frozen except his eyes which found me and he just starred as I made the first. I stepped towards him.

Then a loud voice yelled "'ARRY! NO!" I followed my ears and saw Hagrid bound to massive tree. "'Arry! What're doin 'er?"

"Quiet!" shouted Carrow. With a flick of his wand Hagrid was silenced. I could feel my wand against chest. I can't kill Nagini now because 50 curses would be shot my way. Voldemort tilted his head and raised his wand wondering what would happen if he proceeded.

"Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived shall now die" He smirked. Bellatrix cackled in the background. I thought of Ginny. Her hair. Her lips on mi-


Mystery's POV

"No" two voices yelled. Ginny and a boy.

"Bellatrix" someone yelled. "AVADA KEDAVRA" Green light shot out of a redheads wand. Weasley no doubt. I will legitemens to enter his mind. "Im Mrs. Malfoy. Harry Potter is not dead. Go with the act."

"Is he dead" Voldemort asked lazily/ I went over to him.

"Is he alive? Is Draco alive?" I whispered.

"Yes" He breathed. Weasley who was next to him and heard that. I gave a curt nod and to the Deatheaters looked like I was confirming his death.

Ron's POV

"You hava guts young Weasley" A voice said chilling me to the bone. "Come join our side. With our power, we can rule the world." He coaxed. I pretended to look thoughtful. When I was about to say no-

Harry's POV

All I saw was a green light then everything went black. I woke up and it was white everywhere. "Harry" That voice sounded so familiar. NO! It couldn't be. I heard another voice.

"Dumbledore?" I called out. Then I saw him. He was dressed in all white. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings by J.R Tolken. I walked to him eagerly. In a corner there was a body. It was Voldemort? The first thing that popped into my head. "Is there any way to help hi-"

"Im afraid not Harry. This was the price he had to pay for making so many horcruxes" I nodded in understanding.


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