14 and pregnant

Blake Lucia Evens is your normal 14 year old girl. She loves Movies and having fun. The only difference between normal 14 year olds and Blake is that she's pregnant. To make matters worst the father of Blake's baby is non-other than Niall horan. Blake found out she was pregnant after Niall (16) left for X-factor. Blake never saw Niall again until 3 years later. How will Niall react when he finds out he has a son? How will Blake explain to him why she didn't tell him?
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9. sleepover

Hello readers!!

Okay so I finally got to make another Instagram!!

I also decided that I wanted some of you guys in my stories.

So if you wanna be in my story then comment your name.

I need people as:

The Pregnancy project

- Harry's girlfriend

- Liam's girlfriend

-Zayn's girlfriend

-Louis girlfriend

14 and pregnant

-Blake's new best friend (boy or girl)

-Blake's cousin (Boy or girl)

Adopted by Zerrie (on Niall_is_forever)

- three baby names. (3 boy names and 3 girl names)

- Piper's best friend (I have a Piper in that story)

- Melody's bestfriend other than Destiny

Also go on Instagram and follow my new instagram @DIY.Prinsex please and thank you. I will follow the first 150 followers back!!

Okay on with the story...


Blake's POV

"We'll come back tomorrow" I said while hugging Dad.

"Okay bye sweetie. Bye Pipes. I love you guys" He said. We said bye and got in the car.

"so is that Laura woman your mom?" I asked.

"No. She's my step mom. She got married to dad after Jason was born. Jason is 14, Luke is 16, and I'm 15." She said.

"Oh the rest are hers?" I asked.

"Yup" She replied.

"Let me call the boys and inform them cause I didn't tell them" I said.

I got my phone out and handed it to Piper and told her put Niall's name in and she hit call and put it on speaker.

"What's up?" Niall asked.

"Hey are the boys at your house?" I asked.

"Yeah. Why?" He asked.

"Me and my sister are coming over!! Sleepover!!" I said into the phone.

"Lola is in London?" He asked.

"No my little sister Piper. She's a directioner and I said I would see if we could have a sleepover. She promises to be normal." I said.

"Okay I guess" He said. I smiled.


I'm so sorry this is a very short chapter.

I've been stressing because I start school next week and I'm going to a new school.

I have been updating my other new fanfiction so go check it out.

Oh and I have to get my laptop replaced because this one is broken so I will sometimes have errors because I have to use my phone 

but for my birthday I'm getting a iPad so I can use that but my birthday is in 2 months.

Well if you want to be in any of my fanfictions then comment. I promise I'll update either tomorrow or the day after or wednesday.

I have to pack to go back home and when I get home I have to switch rooms.

So I can only promise at least one in those three days!!

Love you my princesses and if I have Prince's I love ya too.


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