14 and pregnant

Blake Lucia Evens is your normal 14 year old girl. She loves Movies and having fun. The only difference between normal 14 year olds and Blake is that she's pregnant. To make matters worst the father of Blake's baby is non-other than Niall horan. Blake found out she was pregnant after Niall (16) left for X-factor. Blake never saw Niall again until 3 years later. How will Niall react when he finds out he has a son? How will Blake explain to him why she didn't tell him?
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11. really??

Chapter: Really??

No Description:)


Blake's POV

"God I missed you so much" Was all he said before crashing his lips on to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck until....

"Lou they're about to have sex" I heard someone whisper yell.

"I'll get the popcorn" Louis yelled. Niall and I pulled apart and looked at the door. It was open and Jayna Louis girlfriend stood there. I met her last night before I put Joey up here.

"Hey guys" Jayna said and did a awkward chuckle. I took a pillow off the bed and threw it at her but she ducked and Louis just happened to been right there and it somehow hit him in the balls.

Niall and I burst out into laughter while Jayna helped Louis.

"You hit me in the balls" Louis screamed.

"Thanks Mr.Obvious. If you had a cape you would be super obvious" I said. Louis ran into another room and came back with a iron man costume on.

"Eww why are you wearing your sex outfit??" I asked.

"It's okay we haven't used it for sex" Jayna said.

"EWWWWW You just said that you have sex" I screamed.

"SHHHHH" Niall said while pointing at Joey.

"sorry papa" I said in a baby voice.

"I knew I could make you call me daddy" Niall said in a simi seductive voice.

"No I said papa. Not daddy" I argued back.

"Papa in Spanish means daddy" Niall said.

"I guess we're not having any sex" I said. I regretted it because hell we aren't even dating.

"Why not?" Niall asked while raising an eyebrow.

"If you want some you gotta earn it and saying I'm wrong isn't helping you earn it." I said. I turned around to go downstairs but Niall smacked my butt.

"Really??" I asked and then left.


One of the weirdest chapters I've ever made.

I got my hair done yesterday so  I didn't update then.

I am probably gonna update again tomorrow or tonight

But I might go to something for school (Which I start on Monday so if I don't update much I'm so sorry I'm going to a new school and I have no clue how much homework I'll get because at my old school I had at least 3 things for homework or even 4. Or in a certain class we had to do a huge packet- I looked up the answers online. the teacher told us we could- and it took forever and it had my full attention except when I went on my week long field trip.) 

And I might go to my aunts house because I haven't seen her and my cousins in months.

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