14 and pregnant

Blake Lucia Evens is your normal 14 year old girl. She loves Movies and having fun. The only difference between normal 14 year olds and Blake is that she's pregnant. To make matters worst the father of Blake's baby is non-other than Niall horan. Blake found out she was pregnant after Niall (16) left for X-factor. Blake never saw Niall again until 3 years later. How will Niall react when he finds out he has a son? How will Blake explain to him why she didn't tell him?
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1. Pregnant?

Chapter 1: Pregnant?

Description: Blake finds out she is pregnant the day Niall leaves for X-factor.


Blake's POV

I woke up and ran to my bed. I've been getting sick every morning ,and after most meals.

"Mum!!" I yell. I'm originally British, but when I was 9 we moved to Mullingar, Ireland because at the time my mom was only 25. She thought Mullingar would be better for the both of us. 


My mum was only 16 when she had me. Her mum kicked her out when she was 4 months because my grand mum was super religious. As of right now my mum is 30 and I'm 14. I have 2 younger siblings their twins. Ryder and Roah. Like Noah but my mom was being unique. My mom is married to my stupid step dad. He hates me and makes my mom treat me horribly.


"I'm coming!" She yelled up the stairs. She opened the bathroom door and got on her knees.

"Oh Blake what have ya done to yourself?" She asked. My mum is american. My real dad was British. My mum left him because he didn't want to come to Ireland. He didn't want her to leave with his first child either but he had no choice.


"I don't know mum. I keep throwing up. My periods late. Mum I don't know what's wrong" I cried into her shoulder.


"Wait here honey. I'll be right back" She got up and walked out my bathroom. Minutes later she came back with three boxes.


"Sweetie take these" She told me. I did as I was told. 10 minutes later I looked at them.


+, +, +


"Mum there all positive" I whispered with a sniffle at the end.


"How could this happen? Blake you knew it was hard for me as a teen mom. You're lucky I understand where you're at. You can stay. I'm not kicking you and that precious baby out. But sweetie, at some point you need to get your life together and become an adult. I can't believe it a grandma at 30. Lordie" I chuckled at the end. She always makes everything better.


"I know mum. I'll get dress and go to school. I have to see Niall" I said. She nodded and stood up.

I got off the floor and wiped my face. I went into my room and pulled on a pair of short shorts and a crop top that said '#perfect' on it. I pulled on some sandals then when into the bathroom. 


With the crop top on you could see my bare stomach. I had a belly button piercing, I got it with my mum when I was 12. 


I looked down at my stomach and put my hand on it. Soon my stomach will be huge. I straightened my hair and put on my natrual make up.


I walked down the stairs and saw my little brothers ready to go. Ryder and Roah were 4.


"Mum! Ryder, Roah, and I are off to school! Love you, from us lot!" I yelled. Ryder and Roah grabbed their packed lunches and I grabbed my lunch money. We all grabbed a breakfast bar and walked out the door.


"Ryder, Roah, I have some very important news. Okay?" I asked.

"Yeah" They both replied.

"I'm going to have a baby. You get to both be uncles. Isn't that great!" I exclaimed.

"Cool! I get to have Nephew or Niece?" Ryder asked. He's more challenged with words because he was born deaf. He couldn't talk until he was almost 3.


"Yeah buddy and guess what? You guys can help me pick a name." I said. They started cheering and I laughed. A few minutes later my best friend Nicole and her Little sister and brother (Jai and Kayla) joined our walk.


"So spill the news!! Why are the twins cheering?" She asked. Her brother and sister are twins. She's one also, but she has a twin brother. He'll join our walk at some point.


"Well don't tell..But I'm pregnant" I said. Nicole looked at me shocked.


"Seriously?" She asked.


"Yup your gonna be an auntie!" I squealed. She hugged me tight.

"What are y'all happy about?" Her twin brother Jacob asked.

"Can I trust you not to tell anyone?" I asked.

"Come on Blake you've known me since I was 10. I can keep a secret" He said, and I sighed

"Okay. I'm pregnant" I said. His mouth dropped.

"Congrats!" He said. Nicole, Jacob, and I are all friends. They are older than me though but they are in the same grade as me which is 9th grade. Me, being me, had to date the most popular boy in school; aka Niall horan. 

We arrived at Ryder, Roah, Kayla, and Jai's school.

I kissed Ryder and Roah on the head and said good bye then I hugged Kayla and Jai. Nicole did the same and so did Jacob. Ryder ran up to his teacher and I heard what he said.

"Ms. Ron I'm gonna be an uncle" He said. I mentally face palmed. She looked up at me and gave a disapproving look.

I shrugged and we walked to school. When we got to school we all went to our lockers. Of course Niall was waiting for me at mine.

"There's my beautiful princess" He said. He kissed me. I turned around and opened my locker. Both of his arms went around my waist ,and we started to sway side to side. Niall started to kiss my neck.

"Niall stop we're in school" I said.

"And?" He asked.

"And stop" I said. Getting out of his grip.

"What's your problem?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"I'm stressed that's my problem" I said. I then slammed my locker door, and walked away.


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