The Deep End

Janie is scared of the deep end of the pool. When she decides to face her fear she nearly drowns. What will happen when she wakes up far away from home and can't get back? Find out in my version of the wizard of oz.


2. Where Am I

Just as I dived in I started drowning. And moments later I was unconscious. When I woke up I wasn't at the pool anymore or wearing my swimsuit. I was in the middle of a field on a bench wearing my 2 favorite clothes a white dress and a pink and blue bow. "Where am I?" I wondered aloud. "Why your in the world of Lizz. And the land of dolls." Replied a squeaky voice. I nearly had a heart attack. "Whose there?" I shouted. "Just an innocent little man named Johnah." "Sorry you sacred me." I said. "It's okay I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that." He said looking very sorry. "Well thanks for telling me where I am. Oh and I'm Janie by the way. Now could you help me figure out why I'm here?" "Sure."He replied

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