The Deep End

Janie is scared of the deep end of the pool. When she decides to face her fear she nearly drowns. What will happen when she wakes up far away from home and can't get back? Find out in my version of the wizard of oz.


3. Gloria the glorious witch

As soon as I said that a different voice answered me. "Only the wizard can answer that." Said an older voice. "Who are you?" I asked. "Gloria the glorious witch." She replied. "Whose the wizard?I asked. "Only the smartest person around." Gloria said "Where does he live?" I asked. "Oh in marshmallow city." She replied. "How do I get there?" I asked. "Just follow the graham cracker road."She replied. Just as she said that a road made of graham crackers appeared."Can I take Johnah with me?" I asked. "Sure." She said And off we were going to see the wizard.

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