never without your love


1. at the bakery

It was early dawn that my mother pushed me to wake up. Last night I was awake and doing some mathematics. Not to say it was because of the school. After washing my face and eating breakfast, my mom for the first time drove me to run to the bakery. It was 2 streets after our home. She lay the money on the table and told her requests. I wore my jeans and a little white T-shirt. I actually liked my different styles and I considered that I deliver a good clothing, even if I didn’t throw a really spellbinder face. I left the home with impatience. I didn’t even bring money with me! Besides that was the worst spot!

The door of the bakery opened very hard. In the bakery there was a boy with curly hair. He was whispering a song. I listened carefully… he was singing yesterday by the Beatles. That song was a really great masterpiece! His voice while he was whispering was good. He said a warm hello to me. I called for the breads. While he was bringing the breads, I was watching the greatest hits TV program. That plan was showing from the small TV that was in that location. Suddenly they showed the song that its name was All Of You by Julio Iglesias and Diana Rose. I was really near to crying! Because I was in love with that song! But I didn’t show that happiness on my face. I began whispering that song. Suddenly I heard that another one is whispering to me. It was that boy over there. That curly boy!!! “ I truly enjoy this song! My name is Harry! What’s your name?” He said. “ My name is Eleni… it is a Greek name…” I presented myself. “ Beautiful name!” He answered. I was guessing that he asks everybody’s names when they get hither?? Suddenly I stopped thinking. Because I realized that I didn’t bring any money with me!!! “ Wait for a moment… I will come back to you…” I stated. I tried not to understand him that I didn’t bring money. But no matter who was! Everybody could understand! I went to the door. But I couldn’t open. He said: nobody can open that! It's just part of my work!! He stared at me with his blue eyes. “ No matter if you didn’t bring money… I’ll take it next time!” He said. I was just trying to open it. He forced me to take the breads. He wasn’t innocent at all! Actually, I can say he was good at flirting! I told him that I’ll bring the money or my mum. He was working with some old ladies. I got back home with dissatisfaction….

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