never without your love


2. a day....

“Mom… I didn’t bring any money! Poor baker boy! He forced me to give money back next time…”I said. “No matter… he was Mrs. Styles’ son…” she answered. “He stated that his name is Harry” I inserted him. And my mommy said that he is a funny and good guy! “With his curly hair!!” I whispered back. Only I couldn’t forget his kindness.

I really loved mathematics. Precisely because of that some nights I stilled awake and use that!! I know this is a spoof! The things such as painting, playing violin, reading novels and you name it! It was about the many years that I was playing violin. I’ll never forget the day that my violin broke. The piece that you put your fingers was completely divided from the voice box. I was only crying on that day!! And that was my daddy that saved me! Besides I enjoyed dancing. The following day when my mom came back home said that Harry didn’t have the money. On that day my mum left home and I was totally alone! Oh! I didn’t explain a lot about my dancing! Actually, I was a great dancer, but because of some problem I never go to the dance school. That day I took heed to some Hip Hop songs by Eminem. He was the best one for dancing. And I also started dancing. The ring belled. I opened the door without stopping. Harry was behind the threshold! I didn’t know that he knew where our home is! Until the time that I understood our mommy’s know each other.

-Oh! Hello! What are you doing in here?

-Oh! Hi! I didn’t know that you are Mrs. Simon’s daughter!!!

This time he looked so handsome! He was wearing jeans with a white polo.

“My mommy borrowed these knitting books. She handed them to me and she desired me to appreciate you. Thank you very much!” He said while he was smiling. I took the books and I said that you can come in! But he didn’t accept. “You… listen to Eminem??” He asked. “No… not, just for dancing!” And I answered him. I recalled that my mum said he didn’t have the immediate payment. “Wait for a moment!” I said and ran. He turn his head to the home.” If you are bringing money, it’s better to know that I won’t accept! Goodbye!!” He said and left the home! I found the money, but he has been left! I just sighed. The true statement is this: nobody knows what will take place in the time to come…

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