Only you

Lindsey has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary song writer and has a beautiful smile. Though she's to scared to share her music with the world until she meets Liam... Will he ever convince her to follow her dreams and become a star?


7. Teen Star Couple?

** 1 week later**

Liam's POV: 

It's 10 at night I'm about to go to sleep when I stare at the ceiling of my bedroom remembering all that's happened this past week.  

1) the boys have come over from England and we've started talking to Lindsey's dad about our album.  The boys are currently staying in a hotel while they're here

2) I've found out that Lindsey can sing... she's recorded so many CDs of her own and they're amazing, but she won't publish them because she's too shy. 

3) I've know fallen hard for Lindsey


**Next Day (Weekend)**

I wake up early to get to the studio... wow saying that's gonna take getting used to.  half an hour later I walk over to Lindsey's house and ring the bell... she works part time at the studio on the weekend so I carpool with her dad.  

"Hey" Linsey says as she opens the door.. gosh she just seems like she gets even more beautiful every day...if that's even possible.  

I reply and we get in the car with her dad.  

**At the Studio**

Lindsey's POV: 

Liam, my dad and I are at the studio.  I make my way over to the front desk where I work and Liam goes back to the studio with my dad.  I'm so proud of him and his band.  They seem so talented and I hope they become popular.  

During my lunch I see Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis about to leave the studio.  They're all really nice boys I've gotten to know them better and they've become my friends.  "Hey Lindsey we're going to get some lunch want to join?" Niall asks... gosh that boy is all about food.  

"Um su-" just as I was about to agree I hear the sound of Liam's voice and an acoustic guitar.  It sounds so pure... so soothing I got lost in a day dream when Louis starts waving in my face "Helloooo Lindsey..... u ok?" 

I suddenly blush and reply "um nah u guys go ahead I'm gonna check out what Liam's working on." they all smirk and chuckle as they leave the studio.  


I walk into the actual studio and see Liam writing and singing.. I just can't help to admire him.  I really do like him but there's no way he'd like me back... I'm just me.  

He then notices me and signals me to come in.  

"what were you just playing?" 

"oh that... it's just a song i was writing... nothing much" he blushes... SO CUTE 

"I really liked it you're an amazing writer" that sounded off but what can i say i'm nervous

"yeah? well thank you... I was just working on the lyrics want to help? the song's called Moments." <A/N: I know Ed wrote the song but just for the story's sake>

"I'd love to" 


It's been a good half hour and we've been working on the lyrics and it's the best song I've ever written... well co written.  We begin singing it in harmony our voices blending together perfectly.  As the song comes to an end we hear clapping startling us both.  We see the rest of the boys and my father out in the control room.  


"that was amazing!" Harry starts 

"Liam told us you were a good singer that was extraordinary" Zayn says next.  Wait WHAT? Liam talks about me with his friends?? oh god there goes my blushing again.  


"I think you should record that as a duet, a bonus track for the album." my father says.  

before Liam could say anything i quickly denied.  "oh no, i Can't... I just... no" 

it then fell into a silence until my father spoke up " ok boys we're done for the day... do u guys want a ride or will u be walking?" It was only a half hour walk.... though we drove most of the time.  


"um I think I'm just gonna finish up a few things so I'll walk, thanks" Liam says

I don't know why but i suddenly feel the urge to stay with Liam so I agree to walk too.  


Once left alone Liam looks deep into my eyes and I already know what he's gonna say. 

"Lindsey do the duet with me" 

"you know I can't... not for others to hear" 

he puts the guitar down and walks over to me taking both my hands

"We'll do it together... I'll be there every step of the way... trust me" 

I could tell he knew i wasn't fully convinced so he leaned in placed his hand on my cheek  and pressed his lips on mine.  

The kiss was slow, passionate, yet gentle.... and I've never felt anything so amazing before.  

I slowly pull away "yes, I'll do the duet" 

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