Only you

Lindsey has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary song writer and has a beautiful smile. Though she's to scared to share her music with the world until she meets Liam... Will he ever convince her to follow her dreams and become a star?


5. one direction?

**After School**

Liam's POV


After school I met up with Lindsey and started walking home.  We walked in silence until I asked

"So how was your first day?"

"Nothing special.... yours?"

"Good I guess.... I really liked the music teacher"

"Yeah he's amazing... I didn't know you were into music"

"Um yeah I've always dreamed to be singer"

"Same!! Oh yeah my parents went over to say hello to your parents and they apparently hit it off so you're coming over for dinner tonight" 

"Oh ok sounds great" I was excited to meet her family especially since my parents usually don't interact with people


We reached her house and walked inside.  

Lindsey and I walked into the kitchen where my parents were laughing with hers.  

We said hi to our parents and then headed up to her room to start homework.  


Her room was painted light purple with white furniture.  I noticed the guitar and stack of CDs in the corner and made my way over.  


"I didn't know you played guitar" 

"Oh yea I write songs and sing with it" 

"Play something for me" I really wanted to hear her sing.

She picks up her guitar and starts singing All of Me my John Legend.  Her voice was like an angel and I couldn't resist but to sit beside her and join in.  We sang in harmony until the song ended.  


"Lindsey you're amazing!" 

"Aww thanks, you're not so bad yourself."

I was shocked when I started flipping through the CDs near her guitar when I noticed they were her demos.  

"You've recorded so much! have you tried selling it?" I knew she would become famous if she published these albums." 

"Um well no I've always been shy the only reason I record stuff is because my dad is a...." 

She was cut off by her dad in the doorway "It's dinner time..... and by the way was that you 2 singing?"


"Um yes" I answered awkwardly 


"You have an outstanding voice I'd like to talk it over dinner" I had no idea what he meant but made my way downstairs with Lindsey for dinner.  


Once seated next to Lindsey I started loading my plate with chicken, potatoes, and salad.  

That's when Lindsey's father spoke up: "Well Liam I was saying you have an amazing voice and as a music producer I'd like to know if you were interested in recording an album."


I was shocked and speechless until I found a way to respond.  "That would be amazing! I actually am in a group called One Direction with 4 other lads in London." I couldn't ditched Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis we made a pac.  




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