Only you

Lindsey has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary song writer and has a beautiful smile. Though she's to scared to share her music with the world until she meets Liam... Will he ever convince her to follow her dreams and become a star?


8. It's official

A/N: Thanks everyone for reading :) didn't realize people actually wanted updates so here it is.... if u have any ideas for the end that would be great!! ( idk what to do with it) and check out my new book "There's no I in love" thanks... Luv u all <3


Liam's POV: 

Yes! she said yes!! I'm so excited Lindsey's ready to show the world her amazing talent.  

We just stand there smiling at the each other until I decide it's time to ask.  

"Will you be my girlfriend Lindsey" I'm so nervous I'm pretty sure my voice was shaky

and she doesn't reply but instead I feel her warm and soft lips on mine as they move in synch.  She pulls away " I'd love that" 


**A Week Later**


Lindsey's POV

Liam and I have been going strong for a week now... he's perfect for me in every way.  After school we either do our homework or cuddle and watch movies.  But lately I've been so nervous about the album release tomorrow.... it's the first time my voice... my signing will be published for everyone to hear.  

Just then I get a text from Liam "Hey babe the boys and I are going to Niall's celebrate the album release tomorrow... I'll pick u up in 10?" 

Just as I close my math textbook I reply "sure sounds like fun! See u <3" Sure I have homework but there's no way i'm missing a party to do homework on a saturday night.  


10 minutes later Liam shows up at my door smiling as always.  "You look beautiful as always babe" 

"you don't look so bad yourself" I blush.  He takes my hand and leads me to the car and surprising pecks my lips before opening the door.  

Car rides are never awkward with Liam because we usually sing to the songs on the radio together.  But as nervous as I am I don't sing.  


Liams POV

As I pull out of Lindsey's drive way the radio turns but she doesn't start singing as always.  I know something's up.... "What's wrong babe" I say taking her hand, but using the other to steer and my eyes on the road.  

"Oh nothing" that tone.... she's lying 

"I know something's up... that tone you use.... the fact you're not singing to the radio. " 

there's a slight pause until she gives in and starts talking "I'm just so nervous about the album release... what if people don't like the duet? what if I'm the reason nobody likes your album... wha-" 


"Lindsey," I interupt her... I hate hearing all her insecurities because she has nothing to be insecure about.  

"our duet is amazing.  It's my favourite on the album. You have an amazing voice, everyone's gonna love " I reassure her and lightly squeeze her hand.  

a couple of minutes later we arrive at Niall's.  


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